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Pocket, Personal & Portable Ashtrays for EDUs.

Ask yourself the following questions:

A common site at locations where no ashtrays are provided1. How many cigarette butts been littered by students, staff & visitors around or outside your campus today?

2. How unsightly do you think they look? 

3. How how much time has been wasted by maintenance staff having to pick them all up one by one?

4.  Would you like to turn these problems into a solution that not only eliminates cigarette butt litter - but also displays and advertises your EDU's high standards of environmental responsibilty? 

 University of Queensland
Over 750 Colleges, Campus, Universities and EDUs around the world have asked themselves the same questions - and are now using No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays / Portable Ashtrays / Pocket Ashtrays to reduce - and in many cases eliminate - cigarette butt litter in and around their locations - and anywhere else their students, faculty, staff and visitors go.

Every day 1,000s of smokers around the world are discovering No BuTTs Butt Holders & Pocket Ashtrays for the first time - and changing their littering habits forever.

Environmentally repsonsible participants are what's making the difference.

What smokers do does impact on every EDU based business and organisation's public profile. People do notice. Cigarette butt litter is not just bad for the environment - it's also just plain ugly - and degrades the appearance of any location.

BuStockton College's Pocket Ashtray - New Jersey USA t it need not be. 

By providing Personal/Pocket/Portable Ashtrays to your Students and Faculty you not only eliminate cigarette butt litter around your campus, you also receive the excellent promotional benefits of a smart little eco-friendly product that will be used, appreciated and seen long after your students, faculty, staff & visitors have received them.

That's good for all and great for the environment.

La Trobe University's latest version of their Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays



Orientation Days, Student Open Days & 'O-Bag' Opportunities

You can turn the problem of cigarette butt litter into a sensational Eco-friendly promotional opportunity for your EDU with No BuTTs logo printed Butt Holders & Personal or Pocket Ashtrays.

These days the Education industry is just as competitive as any other - and educational institutions need to advertise and promote their organisation every way they can.

Almost all EDUs hold at least one - and often more Student Open Days and Orientation Days every year - and virtually all of them distrubute "O-Bags" at these occasions, providing students with "a bunch of stuff" to take home with them.

Over 750 Universities, Colleges and Educational Institutions now include a logo printed Mini-Butt Personal / Pocket Ashtray in their O-Bags.  Here's why:

  • Personal / Pocket Ashtrays eliminate cigarette butt litter anywhere and anytime a smoker lights up
  • Personal / Pocket Ashtrays help get the message out about the specific smoking regulations at that location
  • Smoking rates amongst students are higher than general population rates - especially with foreign students
  • Younger generations are increasingly aware of environmental issues - and impressed with the latest and 'coolest' environmental initiatives
  • Logo printed Personal / Portable / Pocket Ashtrays provide a visible display of any organisations high standards of environmental responsibility

Tech-West's Personal AshtraysApart from the serious environmental consequences of cigarette butt litter, from a corporate publicity position it doesn’t get much worse than the damage caused by Affiliated Butt Litter. That's the cigarette butt litter emanating from any EDU based organisation's smokers - whether they're students, staff or visitors.

‘Affiliated’ smokers can either create a positive impression of an organisation - or a negative one. It all gets down to what they do with their butts. The problem is even worse when affiliated smokers litter their butts in public and/or are in some ways identifiable - or affiliated - with your organisation. 

This can include:

  • Students or Faculty members standing in and around, or worse, outside your location, etc littering their butts
  • Visitors about to enter your location littering their butts
  • Staff belonging to an EDU based organisation littering their butts - especially when identifiable or in uniform, etc

Do you prohibit smoking in your dormitories & buildings?  
    (We bet you do..)

...then think about this:

In-Room Sign - No Smoking
More EDU based locations every day are going totally smoke free in dorms and buildings - and in most locations smoking is prohibited inside by law.

Additionally, more EDUs are going Smoke-Free and in an increasing number of locations completely banning smoking on their premises.

But it's simply not good enough to implement new Smoke-Free rules and put a signs around campus that basically tells your students or staff to go somewhere else for a smoke - without assisiting them to do the right things with their butts - wherever they go to smoke.

Smokers are happy to do the right thing with their butts - when they can - and we all know what happens when they can't...  Take a look around your campus.  You'll see what we mean...

Over 1,000 Colleges, Campu & EDUs around the world have now installed Eco-Pole Wall/Post/Bollard Ashtrays to provide 'Designated Smoking Zones' for their students, faculty, staff and visitors. 

...Somewhere for them to smoke, and some way for them to properly dispose of their butts.

And over 750 of those locations are now also providing No BuTTs Personal / Pocket Ashtrays to their students, faculty, staff and visitors - so that they can do the right thing with their butts wherever they go.

International University's Mini-Butt Personal Ashtray!For less than $3 per Butt Bin your EDU can provide an Eco-friendly logo printed Pocket Ashtray to your students. faculty & staff that will be seen, used, appreciated - and help protect our environment for months after they've received it.

"We put a complimentary logo printed Butt Holder in every O-Bag and we're amazed at their popularity. We even get calls from students wanting to get a few more of our Mini-Butts Pocket Ashtrays - and we're happy to send them some!  It's great advertising for our University. Besides, everyone has a draw full of logo'd pens, none of which ever sees the light of day.  But we know they're using our Mini-Butts cause we see our students and staff carrying them around - and the logo printing visibly reinforces our high standards every time they're used."  -  Trinh Bao Trung, University of Queensland

"We know for a fact that we have gained new students as a direct result of providing complimentary No BuTTs Butt Holders in our O-Bag packs. Their Butt Holders are an impressive environmental initiative and people show them to their friends - and that equals fantastic ecofriendly advertising for our college."  - Margaret Holmes, International University

Information Downloads:

Things to consider for Universitys:
     Logo Printed Butt Holders General Info   

Butt Litter Reduction Checklists:
     Checklist: EDU 

Ten Reasons Why Your University Needs No BuTTs Personal / Pocket / Portable Ashtrays

Logo Printing - Print Options & Specs

Some Examples of EDU Client Campaigns:
     The Only Butt - EDU - University of Queensland
     The Only Butt - EDU - La Trobe University
     The Only Butt - EDU - James Cook University
     The Only Butt - EDU - International House
     The Only Butt - EDU- CSU 

Eco-Tourism Mini-Butts Personal AshtraysNo BuTTs are now assisting over 1,000 environmentally responsible Universities, Colleges, Campus and EDUs across the planet to reduce - and in many cases eliminate - the cigarette butt litter created by their smokers. 

From the smallest colleges all the way to our largest universities and everyone in between, No BuTTs Butt Holders and Personal / Pocket Ashtrays don't just reduce the problem of butt litter - they can essentially eliminate it - and any negative repercussions that result from affiliated butt litter. 

AUT - Mini-Butt Personal Ashtray
That's not only great news for our environment, it's also very beneficial for EDU based organisations who understand the importance of protecting their corporate image and profile from the damaging effects of Affiliated Butt Litter. 

After all, they're your students, faculty & staff.

It's for these reasons that the vast majority of our customers also choose to logo print their Butt Holders, making them an outstanding eco-friendly promotional product that will be seen, used and appreciated wherever the smoker goes and providing a stunning eco-friendly display of their organisation's high standards of environmental protection and responsibility.

Special Introductory offers are currently available to registered EDUs so call us now.


No BuTTs Personal / Pocket / Portable Ashtrays:-

  • Kick butts with our stylish, slightly off-beat, and cheeky Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays!
  • So easy to use!
  • Pop it open, Drop butt in, Snap it closed and Shake it for a few seconds!
  • Now with reinforced hinges including stainless steel hinge-pins
  • Now lasts for years!
  • Reusable & recyclable
  • Comes in a wide range of fab colours No BuTTs Personal/Pocket Ashtrays are the world's best selling Portable Ashtray - by far!
  • Logo printing is available for a minimum quantity of only 500 Mini-Butts
  • Stronger, smarter, cheaper (and cuter) than other products 
  • Holds over 12 butts. Easy to empty - butts don’t jam
  • Fits easily in pocket, hand or bag
  • Clip it on belt, bag, pocket or pack of cigarettes
  • No need to ever drop a butt again - the environment loves you!
  • Snap-Lock lid ensures odours and ash are trapped inside and butts don’t fall foul
  • Costs around $3 ea including your logo printing!

Your EDU can permanently eliminate your students, faculty and staff's cigarette butt littering wherever they go for less than $3 per student, faculty & staff member or visitor, etc... 

Protect the environment.  
Enhance your corporate image.

No BuTTs.   ...because the world is not an ashtray.

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