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No BuTTs prime mission is to eliminate cigarette butt litter by assisting organisations and individuals with intelligent products and services that work. 

But that's not all we do. 

In our travels, and based on our experiences and the comments and information from clients, we've also noticed that there are some 'other' problems that afflict our customers, and as a result we've developed other products to solve these problems too. 

We love solving problems.  No BuTTs about it!

Sugar Daddy:

After cigarette butt litter, the second most littered item at outside tables are sugar wrapper papers.  They're everywhere.  And though they're not as toxic as cigarette butts, they're still litter.  So we came up with the Sugar Daddy. 

Sugar Daddy not only holds fresh sugar stalks upright and ready for use, it also provides an inner removable container for empty or used sachets!

Sugar Daddy looks great, eliminates sugar paper litter,  is rust and corrosion proof and made from 100% stainless steel.


Table Stableiser (aka "Red Wedge!"):

Ok, it's not a serious environmental problem or health & safety issue, but rocking tables and chairs are excruciatingly irritating.

Everyone has at some time or another had the misfortune to sit at a table where everytime someone moves anything, the bloody table rocks. And when it's a chair that's doing it, you're stuck in your own private little world of frustration...

..back and forth, back and forth, back and forth...  It's enough to put you off your food.

The Table Stableiser stops the problem completely...  In one second...  On every table...  What ever surface the table is placed on...

There's no need anymore for staff (or furious customers) to get down there with a folded napkin or coaster, or piece of cut cork, or a spoon, or a coin, or even a slice of carrot.  (Don't laugh..  We've seen it at more than a few establishments...)

The Table Stableiser:  

"For Tables That ROCK!"


Safety Spike:

Anyone who has ever worked in Hospitality can tell you horror stories about the injuries they've seen or received themselves from metal docket spikes. 

Metal docket spikes are literally a lethal weapon.  In fact it's amazing that for OH&S reasons they weren't banned years ago.  The problem was that there's never really been an alternative product.  Now there is. 

  • Safety Spike - The name says it all!
  • Safety Spike is a paper spike file, but made out of plastic!!
  • Safety Spike works exactly the same way as a metal spike, but can’t & won’t pierce or seriously injure the skin like metal spike files can and frequently do
  • Safety Spike also locks into position at three different angles, and can't be removed until the advanced suction system is released.


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