Lost Dogs Home in Melbourne goes smoke free with No BuTTs Eco-Pole Ashtrays

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Lost Dogs Home - Eco-Pole Wall-mounted AshtrayEveryone knows what a fantastic job animal shelters do for the community, and the Lost Dogs Home in North Melbourne is no exception. These wonderful people devote their time to caring for lost, stray and abandoned animals and try their hardest to ensure that every animal they care for ends up with a happy ending. 

So when Belinda Bailey, No BuTTs Corporate Services Manager was looking for a new friend for her 9 year old German Shepherd 'Ozzy", the Lost Dogs Home was the logical starting point.

Our beautiful boy Max - Helping us distribute No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays!
"We went down with Ozzy to look at other dogs and within 5 minutes Ozzy had befriended a lovely dog that we presumed was a Border Collie mix."  said Belinda.  "Max has been with us now for around three months and he's fitted in perfectly with Ozzy - and my two cats.  He even accompanies us when we're out distrubuting our Personal Ashtrays at the beach or Federation Square, etc - and he looks absolutely gorgeous with his saddle bags on which we load up with Personal Ashtrays.  Everyone loves him!"

"The people at the Lost Dogs Home were lovely to deal with and we wondered how we might be able to help them out some way in return.  The Lost Dogs Home is a Smoke-Free environment but we could see that many of their visitors and staff were out the front on the street smoking.  As part of No BuTTs giving back to the community program every month we donate our products to a worthy cause that maybe could use some help."

Lost Dogs Home - Smoke Free the right way with an Eco-Pole Wall-mounted Ashtray at Entrance"Our Managing Director Jack, himself a devoted animal lover was delighted when I suggested that we should assist the Lost Dogs Home to address the issue of the cigarette butt litter created by their visitors and staff.  Though they did have some old smokers trays we could see that they were totally inadequate for their requirements - and I knew that our Eco-Pole Wall-mounted Ashtrays were the perfect solution."

"No BuTTs staff have since installed two Eco-Pole Wall-mounted Ashtrays, and the response from visitors and staff has been fantastic.  Smokers are happy to do the right thing when they can - and our Eco-Poles make sure that they can."

"We don't just care about animals, we also care very much about our environment." said Jodie McMillan, Shelter Manager.  "The thing we love about our No BuTTs Eco-Pole Ashtrays is that they have solved the problem of cigarette butt litter outside our premises."

"It's just not good enough to go Smoke Free without giving smokers some where and some way to do the right thing with their butts - otherwise you're just making your butt litter everyone else's problem." said No BuTTs Managing Director Jack Jacobson.

Eco-Pole Ashtray WET - Check these Specs!
"It's just as bad as leaving dog poo on the footpath when you walk your dog.  They're our smokers and we knew we needed to find a solution to their butt litter." added Jodie.

"We did have some old Smokers Trays but they were often used as trash bins and it was common to see them overflowing with rubbish, empty bottles etc - and this made it virtually impossible for smokers to put their butts into the trays - which is what they were there for in the first place."

"Our Eco-Pole Ashtrays are designed to only allow cigarette butts to be placed in them and they can't be used as rubbish bins."

"It was obvious even on the first day they were installed that our Eco-Poles had made a major difference in the amount of cigarette butt litter outside our premises."


  By No BuTTs & Lost Dogs Home [12th March 2010]


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