Ashtrays for Smokers

Cigarette Butt Litter Reduction Products for Smokers

So what are you going to do with that butt?

What are you going to do with that butt?OK.  So you're a smoker.  We are too.

Life for us 'Lepers' is getting more difficult everyday.

We've been kicked out of restaurants and cafes, chased out of
our work places, and now we're being hounded out of our favorite drinking holes - and it seems like everywhere else as well.  It's gotten so ridiculous that most new cars and vehicles don't even come with an ashtray anymore - unless you order it as an optional and chargeable extra.

Us smokers have literally been turned into outcasts. Many locations won't even allow you to smoke out the front anymore.

The fact is that it's your right to smoke, but it's not your right to f--- up the environment by littering your butts.  Deep down, every smoker knows this.

You know it too.

Personal Ashtrays / Pocket Ashtrays / Portable Ashtrays

...the simple solution.

Smokers can easily carry a Pocket Ashtray wherever they go - and wherever they smoke
We firmly believe that if smokers can carry a pack of cigarettes and a lighter with them wherever they go, they can - and should - also always carry a Mini-Butt Pocket / Personal / Portable Ashtray with them. 

Invented by smokers for smokers, our Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays give smokers the ability to easily, safely and responsibly butt out and dispose of their cigarettes, wherever they go and whenever they smoke.

We're smokers too, so we know it's easy.

Everyone knows it’s illegal to litter cigarette butts, and litterers can be fined if someone reports their car’s rego etc, or if the cops see you flick your butt. 

Who's watching when smokers litter their butts?  Everyone's watching.We're proud that our Dob in a Tosser section receives over 200 hits a day - and we have absolutely no sympathy whatsoever for those smokers that think it's ok to ever litter their butts - and then get caught and fined for doing it. There's simply no excuse for littering your butts. None.

Mini-Butts costs around $3 each. Compared to the price of a single packet of cigarettes, that's nothing for a product that will assist you to protect the environment, and your image - and your bank balance - and avoid the dirty looks of those that see you litter your butts.

$15.00 or more for a pack of smokes that might last you a couple of days... And around $3 for a Mini-Butt Personal Ashtray that will help you do the right thing for months.

And now that we've recently upgraded our Personal Ashtrays with reinforced hinges that include Stainless Steel hinge pins, it's quite possible that your $3 personal ashtray could last for years.

The maths is simple. And just cause you're a smoker doesn't mean you're an idiot, or an 'Ash-hole'. Every day more smokers are ordering Mini-Butts Personal / Portable / Pocket Ashtrays - and changing their littering habits forever.

Windproof Table Top Ashtrays

If you've been kicked outside your house by your partner or family whenever you feel like a smoke (just like we have), you're going to love our Windproof Ashtrays.

They're available in two styles.
Split-top Windproof Ashtray - very state-of-the-art!
Spinning Windproof Ashtray - very retro! 

Split-top Windproof Ashtray:

  • Recommended for Commercial or Domestic use Wind Proof Ashtrays - Stainless Steel and gravity operated durability
  • Made to withstand heavy use by you and your mates
  • The most robust and well built Windproof Ashtray available anywhere
  • 100% marine-grade stainless steel
  • 100% rust and corrosion resistant
  • Completely washable
  • Supplied with FREE disposable foil inserts - that makes emptying our Windproof Ashtrays even easier
  • Reinforced flaps and hinges - virtually indestructable
  • A gravity operated mechanism - with no fragile spring to rust, seize up or stop spinning
  • A snug sealing lid that eliminates smouldering butts
  • Now used in (and stolen from) over 7,500 Hospitality and Accom based businesses - and over 10,000 backyards & patios

Spinning Windproof Ashtray:Wind Proof Spinning Ashtrays

  • Recommended for Domestic Use 
  • Chrome
  • Available in small, medium & large
  • Budget priced ashtray
  • Not weather resistant 



Order your Personal Ashtrays or Windproof Ashtrays now.

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No BuTTs.    ...because the world is not an ashtray.

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