AHAWA, AACS and No BuTTs launch "Think2wice" campaign

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Think Twice Campaign

In what is thought to be a global first, the Australian Hotels Association (WA), the Australasian Association of Convenience Stores (AACS) and No BuTTs Australia have joined forces to try to convince smokers about the need to be courteous to non-smokers and to dispose of their litter responsibly. 

AHAWA AshtraysThe THINK2WICE campaign, to be launched at the Queens Tavern, Highgate (Perth, Western Australia) on Sunday 2 August 2009, is thought to be the first campaign in the world driven by the retail industry designed to encourage smokers to be considerate of others, while at the same time discouraging underage youth from trying to purchase cigarettes.

The industry sectors that have an obligation to cater for smokers and non-smokers alike are sending out a pro-active and positive message to the community.

THINK2WICE sends out a clear message to smokers that they need to respect the rights of others and should take responsibility for the litter they create.

Eco-Pole Freestanding Bollard Ashtray
THINK2WICE also encourages operators to accept some of the responsibility for the cigarette butt litter created by their own patrons.

People smoke in outdoor areas of hotels and bars and they purchase their tobacco products from convenience stores and service stations, so these places are excellent venues to capture and educate people in relation to doing the right thing.

There is a responsibility to cater for both smokers and non-smokers comfortably and we want smokers to think twice when they are smoking around others, be considerate of the rights of people who don’t smoke and to always dispose of their cigarette butts responsibly.

THINK2WICE recognises that as key stakeholders in the ongoing debate, the hospitality and retail industry sectors have responded to the recent political and social debate relating to smoking legislation in Western Australia by implementing a campaign that supports, and in most cases exceeds, the expectations of the community and all levels of government.

The key campaign messages being displayed throughout selected taverns, pubs and convenience stores are:

• Smoking around others? THINK2WICE 
• Finished smoking it? THINK2WICE
• Smoking around kids? THINK2WICE 
• Buying cigarettes underage? THINK2WICE

THINK2WICE campaign is a proactive strategy that will prove that self-regulation can work in the community.

THINK2WICE aims is to encourage as many smokers as possible to self-regulate by respecting the rights of others, especially children, and the environment.

From an environmental perspective, ensuring smokers have their own portable ashtray will ensure they have no reason to dispose of their butts on footpaths or out of car windows.

THINK2WICE is also sending out a clear message to anyone trying to purchase cigarettes illegally from our venues, to reconsider their actions. AHA Mini Butts

The THINK2WICE campaign will run for an initial two (2) month period and feature key public awareness messages distributed throughout selected taverns, pubs and convenience stores throughout Western Australia.

THINK2WICE creative material will include posters, petrol-pump crowns, table talkers and table ashtrays. Logo printed Mini-Butts portable / personal ashtrays will also be available to customers and patrons free of charge.

THINK2WICE is all about education, self-regulation and providing people with tangible alternat ives to simply tossing their cigarette butts randomly.

THINK2WICE is about promoting a positive change in behaviour so we reduce the amount of cigarette butts scattered throughout our environment and we encourage consideration and mutual respect within patrons.

THINK2WICE campaign material will be displayed in selected taverns and pubs as of Sunday 2 August 2009 and be seen in selected WA convenience stores from Monday 3 August 2009.

"Over 500 hospitality based locations in WA are already implementing their own butt litter reduction campaigns utilising No BuTTs Eco-Pole Wall mounted, Post mounted and Bollard Ashtrays, Windproof Tabletop Ashtrays and Mini-Butts Personal / Portable Ashtrays." said No BuTTs Managing Director, Jack Jacobson.

"No BuTTs are dedicated to working towards a butt free Australia - and a butt free planet.  That's because the world is not an ashtray.  It's as simple as that."

  By AHAWA & No BuTTs [31st July 2009]


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