Windproof Ashtrays | Windless Ashtrays | Table Top Ashtrays for outdoor dining areas and pool, patio & balcony use.

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Windproof Ashtrays help reduce Cigarette Butt Litter in our environment. We specialise in assisting caring businesses & corporations to who care about our environment by using the windproof ashtrays to help reduce this huge problem.

  • NoBuTTs wind-proof ashtrays eradicate the problem of wind blown butts, ash and embers.
  • NoBuTTs wind-proof ashtrays enclose butts, ash, embers and smoke in a sealed chamber.
  • NoBuTTs wind-proof ashtrays help Australia’s hospitality industry maintain clean and healthy workplaces.
  • NoBuTTs wind-proof ashtrays are stylish, strong and durable, cheap and convenient and come in a wide range of colours.
  • Progressive councils are increasingly altering by-laws to require wind-proof recepticles for outdoor trading permits.
  • Ensures that those businesses indirectly responsible for the problem assist in addressing the problem.
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