Subsonic Music Festival rocks with No BuTTs Butt Bins

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Subsonic Music Festival rocks with No BuTTs Personal AshtraysThe Subsonic Music Festival will be held over the 6th & 7th December at the Riverwood Downs Mountain Valley Resort, located on the banks of a mountain river in the foothills of the Barrington Tops World Heritage Wilderness area only 2.5 hours drive north of Sydney. 

Located in a beautiful rural area known as the "Monkerai Valley" between the towns of Stroud and Gloucester, Riverwood Downs is the perfect camping festival setting with all the comforts including cabins, amenities block (toilets, showers), restaurant, kiosk, loads of shelter, a river and the list goes on and on….

Subsonic's beautiful location - too lovely to litter...
In winter the landscape transforms into crisp, cold winter days or low cloud and mist reflecting on an ancient world. During snowfalls, Barrington Tops become shrouded in white as the forests and sub-alpine grasses capture the snowfall.

This year Subsonic Music Festival will join the growing numer of festivals and events around the planet to adopt a zero-tolerance position with regard to cigarette butt litter created at their venue by distributing No BuTTs Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays.

Subsonic Music Festival's Personal Ashtrays - Brilliant eco-friendly advertising for their annual festival!"We've previously used film canisters but with all the digital cameras around these days 35mm canisters have basically become extinct." said Scott Commens, Subsonic Music Festival Director.  "We'd heard about No BuTTs Butt Bins at other festivals so we Googled Nobutts and they were great to deal with.  We'd actually left it a little late but they had our personal ashtrays delivered yesterday for this weekend's festival so we're wrapt."

"It's absolutely critical for us to leave this beautiful venue exactly as it was before we arrived, and Mini-Butts personal ashtrays guarantee that the location will be virtually butt free when we pack up and leave."

"Most of our attendees are extremely environmentally responsible so it make sense to help them do the right thing with their cigarette butts wherever they are at the festival - and even when they've gone."

Music Festivals around the planet are eliminating their cigarette butt litter with No BuTTs Personal / Portable / Pocket Ashtrays
"We know that our logo printed Personal Ashtrays will not only help protect the planet long after this year's event is over but they will be a constant eco-friendly reminder of our festival every time they're used and seen - and that's great marketing." 

"We'll definately be using No BuTTs personal ashtrays at all the other events that we run."

Over 1,000 festivals, events, carnivals, functions and product launches around the planet are now using No BuTTs personal ashtrays to reduce and often eliminate cigarette butt litter at their locations.  That's good for all and great for the environment.  No BuTTs about it.


  By & No BuTTs [4th December 2009]


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