Detour Adventures Tours leads the way with complimentary No BuTTs Branded Personal Ashtrays for customers.

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Detour Adventures eliminates their customers butt litter with complimentary Branded Personal Ashtrays
Detour Adventures is protecting their National Park tour destinations from cigarette butt litter and the associated risk of fires by providing complimentary Branded Personal Ashtrays to all their touring customers .

Detour Adventures is based in Bathurst, in the central tablelands of New South Wales, Australia - and specialises in "taking their guests away to places of escape from the everyday" by way of personal 4WD tours and experiences in the Australian bush and the many National Parks and forests that surround the Bathurst region.

"Detour Adventures is proud to be fully certified for Advanced Ecotourism by Ecotourism Australia - and we take the issue of protecting our environment very seriously." said Ian Redpath, Managing Director of Detour Adventures.

Detour Adventures complimentary Branded Personal Ashtray
"None of Detour Adventures staff smoke, but we were very mindful of the fact that many of our guests and customers do smoke.  It was critical to provide a solution so that if our customers smoke, they can safely and easily dispose of their butts in a responsible manner wherever we take them and from then on wherever their travels take them."

"Ignoring the fact that some of our guests are going to smoke - and what they would do with their butts - and what were we going to do about it was simply not an option."

"They're our customers and we take them to these incredible locations - and it's our responsibility to ensure that our guests take only memories and leave only footprints."

"No BuTTs Branded Personal Ashtrays are the perfect solution to the problem of customer cigarette butt littering." said Ian.

"Apart from completely eliminating any possibility of our guests ever littering their butts whilst on our tours, our Branded Personal Ashtrays also enhance our corporate profile by providing them with an extremely visible and useful eco-friendly souvenir that we know they'll still be using months after they enjoyed our tour - and wherever they may go."

Detour Adventures is doing the right thing by the environment by eliminating their customers cigarette butt litter.
"In fact, when they see our Personal Ashtrays, many if not most of our guests and customers - including those that don't even smoke - like to purchase additional Personal Ashtrays as a very handy eco-friendly gift to take home to friends and family."

Detour Adventure's Branded Personal Ashtrays include their full colour logo, website address, phone number, the slogan "Take only memories - Leave only footprints" and also a QR Code which scans directly to Detour Adventures website.

"We know that our guests are taking their Personal Ashtrays from Detour Adventures back home with them - and using them which gives Detaour Adventures sensational eco-friendly visibility." said Ian.

"Our QR Code lets anyone, anywhere with a smart-phone, who sees our Personal Ashtray and would like to know more about us, go straight to our website wherever they are."

"I know for a fact that we have gained new customers as a result of this brilliant environmental initiative." 

Ecotourism Australia commends Detour Adventures and No BuTTs for the benefits of providing Personal Ashtrays. Click to read article.

Over 1,000 Tourism based businesses across Australia are now providing No BuTTs award-winning Branded Personal Ashtrays to their guests, customers, passengers, visitors and patrons.

For a free information pack on No BuTTs Branded Personal Ashtrays for Tourism based businesses please call (+61) 1300 662 888 or email


  By No BuTTs & Detour Adventures Tours [5th December 2016]


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