Pocket Ashtrays / Personal Ashtrays / Portable Ashtrays for Golf Courses, Lawn-Bowling Clubs & Sports Facilties

Reducing Cigarette Butt Litter at Golf Courses, Lawn Bowling Clubs & Sports Facilities

It's easy with No BuTTs award winning 'Mini-Butts' Personal Ashtrays!

Maryborough Golf Club's Personal Ashtrays from No BuTTsPersonal Ashtrays (aka Pocket Ashtrays or Portable Ashtrays) can reduce - and often eliminate - cigarette butt litter at Golf Course, Bowling Clubs and Sport Facilties.  It's as simple as that.

The problem arises mainly from golfers out on your greens, but also patrons sitting at outdoor tables, as well as visitors discarding cigarette butts as they enter your buildings. No BuTTs has solutions for these problems which are effective, convenient and most of all economical and sustainable. 

Every week more Golf Courses and Sports Clubs around the world are realising that reducing the cigarette butt litter created by their golfers, players, members and visitors at their locations is not only the right thing to do for the planet - it's also in their direct interest to do so.

This is not supposed to be an ashtray...
That's not only great news for our environment, it's also very beneficial to  organisations who understand the importance of protecting their public image and profile from the damaging effects of Affiliated Butt Litter - that's the cigarette butt litter created by an organisation's smokers - whether they are members, visitors, guests, patrons, customers, etc - and even staff and employees.

Over 2,000 Golf Clubs, Bowls Clubs & Sports Centres around the world are now using No BuTTs Pocket Ashtrays to eliminate cigarette butt litter at their locations
From a corporate publicity position of any location, it doesn’t get much worse for the environment or their public image than the cigarette butt litter left scattered around their property by their smokers.  

Lets face it, your Groundstaff and Greenskeepers have much better things to do than to have to pick up all those discarded cigarette butts one by one.

Apart from the fact that cigarette butt litter is not a good look wherever it occurs, the toxins in littered cigarette butts can actually poison and discolour many of the exotic grasses used by golf, bowling and sports facilties. 

Smokers are going to smoke with or without a Personal Ashtray.  We think it's better 'with!'
The fact is that is simply impossible for your staff to pickup every single littered butt at your location.  Even worse is that many of those butts quickly end up in our waterways via wind, rain and storm-water drains, and by then it's too late. 

Further, experience has shown that banning smoking on golf courses can not only affect patronage, it is simply impossible to enforce - and therefore ultimately never successful. Mini-Butts Personal/Pocket/Portable Ashtrays can eliminate the problem. 

We hope thay're carrying a personal ashtray - because we know what's probably going to happen if they're not...Whether they're scattered around your location, or have found their way in to our waterways, cigarette butts are toxic to the environment and take between 4 and 15 years to breakdown. 

Littered cigarette butts also present a serious fire risk. 

But it need not be.   No BuTTs philosophy is that prevention is much better than the cure.  That's because basically there is no cure...  Over 99% of littered cigarette butts are never recovered, and leach their toxins into the environment for years.

"Apart from making life more difficult for our groundstaff, not providing pocket ashtrays to our golfers is basically akin to telling the planet to get stuffed.  We agree completely with No BuTTs. The world is not an ashtray - and now neither is our golf club." - Mike Robins, Bay City Golf Club

Personal Ashtrays (aka Portable Ashtrays, Pocket Ashtrays or Butt Bins) don't just reduce cigarette butt litter - they can essentially eliminate - it no matter where the smoker may be. 

Over 250 golf courses & sports clubs now require Personal Ashtrays to be carried by smokersNo BuTTs Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays are simple to use (and a little 'cheeky'), compact and easy to carry, melt-proof - and with a snap-lock lid that can't accidentally pop open.  Personal ashtrays from No BuTTs are changing the littering habits of smokers forever.

When logo printed, Personal Ashtrays become a sensational eco-friendly promotional product that will be seen, used and appreciated long after the smoker has left your location - and with the anti litter message being reinforced everytime they use their Mini-Butt personal ashtray from then on.  
The environment loves you. 

Cigarette butt litter is a serious environmental problem, but the good news is that as govt, corporate and public awareness of the problem increases, we are beginning to win the battle to reduce, if not eventually eliminate the scourge of cigarette butt litter. 

We're going to have to do it smoker by smoker, but it's actually not that hard, and the journey is well under way. 

Pacific Heights Golf Course's Personal Ashtrays from No BuTTs
Research shows that once a smoker has received one of No BuTTs Pocket Ashtrays to use, over 98% of them stop littering their butts from that point on.  Forever.  That's good for all - and great for the environment.

Everyday more smokers are discovering No BuTTs Personal/Pocket Ashtrays - and changing their littering habits forever.  Environmentally responsible participants at all levels are what’s making the difference.

No BuTTs about it.  

To discuss your specific butt litter reduction requirements call us now on 1300-NOBUTTS  (1300-662-888).

International customers please call: (+61) 1300 662 888 or email us at info@nobutts.com.au


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