Caesars Horseshoe Casino goes Butt Litter Free with No BuTTs SlotMate Ashtrays for smoking allowed gaming machine areas

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 Caesars Horseshoe Casino
Caesars Horseshoe Casino is upgrading their venue to No BuTTs new and improved SlotMate Ashtrays for gaming machines in the Designated Smoking Areas of their resort.

SlotMate Ashtrays are specifically designed for gaming machines and poker machines and assist patrons to safely and easily eliminate ash and ember droppings as they play - and dispose of their cigarette butts instantly while also eliminating cigarette roll-offs that burn venue carpets and create a fire risk.

Dropped cigarettes are the #1 cause of carpet burns, smouldering and fires in gaming venues.

Caesars Horseshoe Casino is located in Baltimore Maryland, in the United States of America.

Caesars Horseshoe Casino is now in the process of upgrading all of the gaming machines in their smoking allowed areas to No BuTTs SlotMate Ashtrays.

SlotMate Ashtrays eliminate ash, embers and butts ending up on your gaming venue's floor.
No mess, no ash, no smouldering, no burned carpets.  No BuTTs about it!
"The great thing about No BuTTs new SlotMate Ashtrays for gaming machines is that they give smokers the ability to easily and safely eliminate dropped ash, embers and cigarette butts as they enjoy playing their gaming machines." said Jack Jacobson,
No BuTTs Managing Director.

"Caesars Horseshoe Casino is an incredible venue with unique facilities and activities - and we're very pleased to be able to assist Caesars Horseshoe Casino to minimise cigarette ash, embers and butts from ending up on their gaming room floors."

SlotMate Ashtrays from No BuTTs have been redesigned and improved and now incorporate two dedicated cigarette holders that eliminate roll-offs that often result in lit cigarettes ending up on the gaming room carpet.

SlotMate Ashtray - Top View
No BuTTs currently assists over 1,500 gaming venues and casinos across Australia and around the world to reduce cigarette butt litter with:

For more information on No BuTTs new and improved SlotMate Ashtrays please email or call +61 457 833 499.

  By No BuTTs & Caesars Horseshoe Casino [19th September 2017]


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