BP Australia's new flagship Truck Stop in Rockbank kicks their customers butts

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Smokers who fill up and buy their smokes at BP's newest Truck Stop in Rockbank are now also be able to grab a Personal Ashtray so that they can always do the right thing with their butts - where ever their travels take them.

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Everyone knows that it's illegal to litter anything from vehicles - especially lit cigarette butts which are not only toxic to the environment - but can also start fires.  Many people who smoke in their vehicles don't want to use the ashtray - and in fact these days, most new vehicles don't even come with ashtrays anymore.

The simple solution is to always carry a personal ashtray.  If smokers can carry a packet of cigarettes and lighter with them, it's just as easy to also carry a personal ashtray.  (We smoke, so we know.)

The problem is where to get them.  Thousands of smokers across Australia and around the world now order their personal ashtrays on line direct from - but it's also very convenient to be able to buy one when and where you buy your smokes.

That's why more and more cigarette retailers are now also carrying No BuTTs "Mini-Butts" Personal Ashtrays.

Eco Pole at McDonalds
BP Rockbank is an excellent example of an environmentally responsible business.  Their facilities also incorporate a Mc Donalds and a landscaped outdoor eating area.  No BuTTs Eco-Pole Wall/Post-mounted Ashtrays are installed at various locations around the complex to assist smokers to properly dispose of their butts. 

"It's not just protecting the environment from our customers butts, said Paul Rommuno, Manager of BP Rockbank. "It's also got to do with maintaining the appearance of our facilities - and apart from that, our staff have much better things to do than to have to pick up all those littered cigarette butts one by one.  Our Eco-Poles ensure that we don't have a cigarette butt litter problem here at BP Rockbank."

BP Rockbank is also an excellent example of an environmentally responsible retailer. 

BP Rockbank Personal Ashtrays"We pride ourselves on the high standards of our Truck Stop's facilities which are second to none" said Paul Rommuno.  "We sell a lot of cigarettes and we really like the idea of also making No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays available.  It's good for our customers and it's also good 
for the environment."

It's good for business too.  "We're here to supply products that our customers want or need." said Paul, "It makes perfect sense to offer personal ashtrays to smokers.  With all the littering fines and crackdowns on butt litterers these days smokers are looking for a solution to littering their butts, and that solution is our personal ashtrays."

BP Rockbank - Personal Ashtray on display


"Whenever someone buys a packet of cigarettes our staff politely ask them whether they'd also like a personal ashtray - and we're really happy with the response from our customers.  Most smokers like to be able to do the right thing with their butts - and our Personal Ashtrays make it easy for them."

Acrylic Mini-Butts POS dispensers are displayed on the counter at both register locations and customers can easily help themselves to a Personal Ashtray when required.

"Considering that a single packet of cigarettes can now cost almost $15, buying a personal ashtray that's easy to use, lasts for months and protects the environment for only $3 is a really good deal for everyone involved," said Paul,  "and logo printing our Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays adds the benefit of also making them fantastic eco-friendly advertising for our business."

  By No BuTTs [14th February 2010]


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