...and the "You just don't get it" award of the week goes to ACOSH

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The Australian Council on Smoking and Health (ACOSH) has won the "You just don't get it" award for criticising the Australian Hotels Association (WA) and the Australian Association of Convenience Stores for providing No BuTTs Mini-Butts personal ashtrays to their smokers.

Disappointingly, in response to this progressive and environmentally responsible campaign (ACOSH) director Stephen Hall said he was "surprised the AHA was supporting something that would potentially encourage smoking." 

ACOSH's misguided opinion is like saying that providing smoke detectors in rooms encourages the lighting of fires, or providing life jackets on a boat encourage people to capsize it.  It's a ridiculous proposition.

ACOSH's statement completely misses the point that people are going to smoke with or without an ashtray. We think it's much better with - and we reckon the environment would agree with us.  We're also pretty sure that the 500+ govt departments and 1,000s of corporate customers that provide Mini-Butts personal ashtrays to their smokers don't for a second think that they might be encouraging smoking.

AHA Mini Butts
In fact many of our clients actually print an anti-smoking or quit message on their Mini-Butts.  AHAWA and AACS-WA's slogan "Think Twice" actually encourages smokers to do just that before they light up - not just after they've finished a ciggie.

No-one ever looked at a personal ashtray not matter how cool it is and decided to take up smoking.  

The Australian Hotels Association WA (AHAWA) with the Australasian Association of Convenience Stores last week launched the Think2wice campaign to promote the need for smokers to dispose of litter responsibly. Currently five venues, including The Queens in Highgate and three shops, are taking part in a two-month trial that involves an awareness campaign and handing out the free portable ashtrays.

The campaign could be expanded depending on the trial’s success. AHAWA Ashtrays

AHAWA chief executive Bradley Woods said the move sent a clear message to smokers to respect the rights of non-smokers and take responsibility for their litter.

Vincent chief executive John Giorgi said the portable ashtrays were “a step in the right direction” for keeping the streets clean.

“The Town of Vincent would be more than happy for more venues to be involved in the campaign,” he said.

City of Perth chief executive Frank Edwards said he would support the AHA’s campaign spreading to City venues, saying similar projects in Sydney had been successful in targeting litter.

  By No BuTTs [4th September 2009]


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