Clarion Hotel City Park Grand in Launceston goes butt litter free with Eco-Pole Ashtrays

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Clarion Hotels are part of the Choice Group of HotelsClarion Hotel City Park Grand in beautiful Launceston, Northern Tasmania has virtually eliminated cigarette butt litter at their location with Eco-Pole Wall/Post-mounted Ashtrays from No BuTTs.

Installed in early 2010, City Park Grand Hotel has wall-mounted Eco-Pole Ashtrays located at the main entrances to their accommodation and also outside their Conference Centre.

"We first heard about No BuTTs when we saw one of their logo printed personal ashtrays for Kabuki By-The-Sea.  We were actually looking for wall-mounted ashtrays and as soon as we discovered their Eco-Pole Ashtrays, we knew they were just what we needed." said Daryl Phegan, General Manager of Clarion Hotel City Park Grand.

The beautiful Clarion Hotel City Park Grand in Launceston, Tasmania
"We initially ordered one Eco-Pole Ashtray but after it hadn't turned up in a couple of days we contacted No BuTTs who immediately sent us another Eco-Pole via express mail which arrived the next day."

"As soon as we installed the Eco-Pole we realised that we actually needed more units for other strategic locations around our property - so we were delighted that the first Eco-Pole then turned up the next day." said Daryl.

"So we kept that one too and ordered a third Eco-Pole. We're extremely happy with the product."

"Clarion Hotels are well known for their quality and high standards and No BuTTs is pleased that to date we have assisted dozens of Clarion & Choice Hotels around Australia to effectively eliminate cigarette butt litter at their locations." said No BuTTs Managing Director, Jack Jacobson.

"City Park Grand is a beautifully maintained classic Victorian that was built in 1855 so we knew that aesthetics was of vital importance to Management."

One of Clarion Hotel City Park Grand's Eco-Pole Ashtrays"Apart from the intelligent design and the simple five second emptying process of the Eco-Pole Ashtrays, they are also a very attractive product that look great wherever they're installed. That's important for the look of the building and also to encourage smokers to use them." 

"Smokers avoid ashtrays that are clogged with rubbish or grotty looking and Eco-Pole Ashtrays eliminate those problems too." said Jack.

Over 5,000 Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Serviced Apartments and accommodation locations across Australia and around the world have installed No BuTTs Eco-Pole Wall & Post-mounted Ashtrays.

Click here to go to the Eco-Pole Ashtray section of our website.

Click here to find out why Eco-Poles are now the best selling Wall/Post Ashtrays and Freestanding/Bollard Ashtrays in Australia - by far.



A heart-felt thankyou to the Management & Staff of Clarion Hotel City Park Grand from the team at No BuTTs.

Whenever possible, when No BuTTs staff travel we always like to book our accommodation with customers of our company.

Recently, and for all the wrong reasons the No BuTTs team had to visit Launceston following the tragic death of one of our founders, Rose Lamrock. Rose was a Tassie girl and we brought her ashes back home to Tasmania where a bunch of her closest friends and her wonderful father Brucie scattered her ashes at a waterfall on his property near Scottsdale.

The Management and Staff at Clarion Hotel City Park Grand were lovely to us all and went out of their way to make us feel at home - and we did. We truly appreciate their ability to supply all of the rooms we needed for our team and Rose's friends at their popular hotel at such short notice.

It's the little things that mean a lot and with Clarion Hotel City Park Grand that extends all the way from Tasmanian Chocolates in their rooms to the excellent complimentary toiletry sets provided and the Newspapers placed under their guests doors every morning. The meal we had at their restaurant Larceny was simply spectacular and very reasonably priced - and their staff were a delight.

We'd like to personally thank Phyllis and Daryl Phegan for their warm hospitality and the generosity extended to us over the few days we stayed at Clarion Hotel City Park Grand.  We look forward to staying there again in the near future for much happier reasons.

With warmest thanks,

Jack, Belinda, Jonathon, Madeline & Vicki


  By No Butts Management & Staff [7th October 2010]


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