Kooyonga Golf Course goes Butt Litter Free with No BuTTs Pocket Ashtrays

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Kooyonga Golf Course is providing complimentary pocket ashtrays to their golfers to eliminate butt litter at their golf course.Kooyonga Golf Course is distributing complimentary Pocket Ashtrays (also called Personal Ashtrays, Portable Ashtrays & Butt Bins) to its golfers to eliminate cigarette butt litter on course and around their property.

Set in undulating sand hills just 15 minutes from the central business district of Adelaide, Kooyonga has been the venue for many international and interstate championships. Kooyonga also enjoys a high ranking amongst private clubs in Australia. 

Kooyonga Golf Course's greens are too beautiful to litter
The clubhouse has recently been redeveloped and is a beautiful modern building with the traditional elements you would expect. From the Club's dining areas and terraces members and visitors can relax and enjoy the sweeping panoramic views of the golf course - as close as you can get to the golf course without actually playing.

"It makes sense for Kooyonga Golf Course to assist our golfers to keep our golf course butt litter free, and No BuTTs Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays are the perfect solution because they give smokers the ability to properly and safely butt out their cigarettes wherever they are, either at our golf course, or any where else they go." said Greg Hart, Golf Operations Manager at Kooyonga Golf Course. "That's good for everyone."

"Cigarette butt litter is not only unsightly and degrades the appearance of our golf course, the toxins in cigarette butts can harm some of the exotic grasses we use so it's essential to stop the problem once and for all." said Greg. "Additionally, any butts that end up being littered have to be picked up one by one by our groundstaff, and they've got much better things to do than to have to become litter collectors." 

Kooyonga Golf Course's posters from No BuTTs"Apart from all the reasons that Greg mentioned, the fact is that littered cigarette butts can also start fires, so it's good for all involved to eliminate cigarette butt litter - and No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays do that completely for around $2 per person." said Jack Jacobson, No BuTTs Managing Director.

Kooyonga Golf Course will be supplying free Pocket Ashtrays to golfers via their Pro Shop - and signage from No BuTTs will clearly and effectively inform golfers that if they intend to smoke whilst playing on the golf course, they must carry and use a Personal Ashtray at all times.

"The vast majority of smokers like to do the right thing, so when they discover our Personal/Portable Ashtrays for the first time, the response is always very positive. The fact that they can then take them away and do the right thing by the environment wherever they go from that point on makes a good thing even better." said Jack.

"Many of our Golf Course clients also choose to logo print their pocket ashtrays which also then advertises their club's high environmental standards every time their personal ashtrays are used and seen. That's good for all and great for the environment."

Over 1,000 Golf Courses and Golf Clubs around the planet are now using No BuTTs award winning Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays to eliminate cigarette butt litter around their properties.

  By No BuTTs & Kooyonga Golf Club [2nd August 2010]


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