Australian Federal Police 'arrest' their department's cigarette butt litter

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Australian Federal Police are the latest Govt Dept to distribute No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays to their membersThe Australian Federal Police are using No BuTTs Personal/Pocket Ashtrays as the focus of their campaign to eliminate staff cigarette butt littering.

Petra Crowe, AFP's Business Manager (Medical Services) said that by providing Personal Ashtrays to their personnel the AFP was setting a high standard for environmental responsibility and community behaviour.

"It's simply unrealistic to close your eyes and avoid dealing with the issue of employee cigarette butt littering." she said. "We know that many of our people smoke so it's in our direct interest to assist them to do the right thing wherever and whenever they smoke."

"All Police in the Australian Capital Territory fall under the jurisdiction of the AFP," said No BuTTs Managing Director, Jack Jacobson, "Apart from normal Police duties the AFP is also charged with protecting the many Consulates, Embassies and government buildings scattered around Canberra, so it's critical for their officers to not only do the right thing, but to be seen always doing to the right thing with their cigarette butts."

"If any organisation should be setting the highest standards it would obviously have to be the Police and it's great to see the AFP doing exactly that regarding reducing their employees cigarette butt littering, and setting an excellent example for others to follow."

Australian Federal Police Buildings in Canberra are going Smoke-Free the right way with No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays
"Apart from when Police are out and about attending to their police business, more Government buildings are going Smoke-Free every week which of course raises the question as to how they implement their Smoke-Free policy, and what they expect their smokers to do when they go for a smoke."

"By far the best way to implement a Smoke-Free workplace is for an organisation to provide Personal Ashtrays to their smokers, whether they are staff & employees, or customers, visitors, patrons, contractors, members, guests etc."

"There wouldn't be many organisations, businesses or departments that would just throw their rubbish, waste and litter onto the street outside their premises - but that's excatly what organisations that go Smoke-Free without providing a solution to their smokers butt littering are doing." said Jack.

"By providing Personal Ashtrays to their people the AFP is not only protecting the environment from cigarette butt litter, they're also enhancing their public image by ensuring their members can always do the right thing."

"Personal Ashtrays eliminate any 'excuses' for butt littering because they give smokers the ability to properly butt out and dispose of their butts wherever they smoke.  That's great for the environment and also the public image of that organisation because people do notice when others litter their butts."

"In fact over 95% of our government, NGO & corporate clients also choose to print their Personal Ashtrays with their logo, website and increasingly include a quit smoking message which will be seen every time the smokers use their Personal Ashtrays." said Jack.

Over 1,000 Local, State and Federal Government Departments around the world have gone Smoke-Free the right way by distributing No BuTTs award winning Personal Ashtrays to their smokers.

  By No BuTTs and A.F.P. [28th July 2010]


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