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About Us

No BuTTs Co-founder & Managing Director, Jack Jacobson
No BuTTs was founded in 2002 by Jack Jacobson and 
Rose Lamrock and is based in Melbourne, Australia.

We are industry leaders in sustainable and effective cigarette butt litter reduction, with offices and distribution in over 30 countries - and in 2013 will be opening additional offices in USA, Canada, Switzerland, Israel, Greece, Brazil, The Netherlands and Dubai.

No BuTTs was created to address the increasingly serious environmental problem of cigarette butt litter.  We are committed to a butt free Australia - and a butt free planet.

No BuTTs provides solutions to cigarette butt litter in smoking areas - and anywhere else a smoker lights up.

As our society has become more waste and energy conscious, Businesses, Government, Organisations and Individuals have made significant improvements in recycling pratices, waste reduction and energy efficiency to minimize their impact on the environment.

Going Smoke-Free doesn't mean that smokers stop smoking. You know they're not.
However until recently, cigarette butt litter - the world’s largest environmental litter problem, has not received the same degree of attention. Cigarette butt litter outside buildings, and scattered by the billions across our cities and countryside has increased considerably since the introduction of indoor & vehicular smoking bans, and this litter rapidly enters our storm-water and aquatic systems - poisoning our environment, degrading its beauty and taking years to break down.

Littered cigarette butts also start fires. Every year around the world people are injured or killed, property is damaged, and wildlife & stock are decimated by fires directly caused by discarded cigarrete butts.

No BuTTs mission is to provide education, and intelligent, economical, effective, sustainable - and image positive products and programs to reduce - and in many cases virtually eliminate the problem of general cigarette butt litter, and also Affiliated Cigarette Butt Litter. 

Affiliated Butt Litter is the cigarette butt litter caused by an organisation's employees, customers, passengers, patrons, guests, contractors, visitors, members, etc.How many cigarettes butts have your smokers littered today?
How many people have seen them doing it?

No BuTTs is dedicated to protecting the environment - and corporate profiles - from the insidious problem of cigarette
butt litter.

From a corporate image position, it doesn’t get much worse
than an organisation's smokers littering their cigarette butts. People do notice.

What an organisation's smokers do does have an impact
on their public profile.  Smokers are the only ones who can actually reduce the problem of butt litter, but they can use a little help to do it.  Appropriate butt disposal is even more crucial when staff are on-site, commuting, or out and about on business representing their organisation. 

Our Personal Ashtrays easily clip onto clothes, bags or tool-belts. The environment loves you.
That's why 1,000s of companies, organisations and government departments around the planet are now using No BuTTs Personalised/Personalized Ashtrays (aka Butt Bins) to virtually eliminate their affiliated cigarette butt litter. A Personal Ashtray or Butt Bin eliminates cigarette butt litter.  It's as simple as that.

Butt Litter Responsibility provides the means for responsible business owners and Management to assess their efforts to provide adequate education and disposal infrastructure in order to reduce the cigarette butt litter emanating from their business activities, whilst simultaneously promoting the highest standards of environmentally responsible trading.

It's for these reasons that over 100 more Organisations, Companies and Government Departments every week across Australia and around the world are also installing No BuTTS award winning Eco-Pole Outdoor Ashtrays at their locations.

Eco-Pole Wall & Post-mounted Ashtrays are now the best selling Stainless Steel Ashtrays and Cigarette Receptacles in the world - by far - and our award winning Mini-Butts logo printed Personalised Ashtrays and Butt Bins are permanently changing the littering habits of 1,000s of smokers every day. Personal Ashtrays eliminate butt litter.

Rose Lamrock & Jack Jacobson - Co-Founders of No BuTTs

With No BuTTs award winning ashtrays, cigarette butt receptacles and Butt Bins it's easy to reduce cigarette butt litter, and keep Australia - and everywhere else, beautiful.

And with No BuTTs, going Smoke Free the right way has never been easier. 

The problem may be prolific, but the solution is simple.


No BuTTs.    ...Because the world is not an Ashtray.


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