Brunswick Private Hospital goes Smoke Free the right way with No BuTTs Eco-Pole Freestanding Bollard Ashtrays & Personal Ashtrays

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Brunswick Private Hospital goes Smoke-Free and Butt Litter Free with No BuTTs Med-Eco program.
Brunswick Private Hospital has installed No BuTTs Eco-Pole Freestanding Bollard Ashtrays and is distributing No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays to patients and staff as part of their program to go Smoke-Free the right way.

Brunswick Private Hospital is part of Healthe Care. Healthe Care employs over 4,000 people across a portfolio of 14 hospitals throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

Healthe Care goes Smoke Free the right way
Healthe Care has adopted a multidisciplinary approach to health care offering a range of inpatient, outpatient and community based health care services while redeveloping its facilities to sustain this approach.

Going Smoke Free the right way.

Brunswick Private Hospital is a Smoke-Free and Butt Litter Free Hospital
"Brunswick Private Hospital has been Smoke-Free since early this year but we were still experiencing some areas at our premises where smokers were still smoking - and littering their butts." said Brunswick Private Hospital RTW Coordinator, Glenda Wharton.

"Additionally it was obvious that most smokers were simply going off site to smoke, and then littering their butts wherever they went - which was equally unacceptable."

"Mindful of our social and environmental responsibilities, and having researched how other medical facilities have successfully gone Smoke-Free the right way we have implemented No BuTTs Med-Eco program."

Smoke Free and Butt Litter Free

Brunswick Private Hospital's Smoke-Free / Butt Litter Free signage from No BuTTs
"More hospitals every day are going Smoke Free and that presents them with a clear choice, because going Smoke Free doesn't in any way mean that smokers stop smoking." said No BuTTs Managing Director, Jack Jacobson. "They'll just go elsewhere to smoke."

"When going Smoke Free, Hospital Managers have a clear choice. They can choose to assist their smokers to do the right thing with their butts wherever they go to smoke, or those same Managers can choose to stick their head in the sand and simply export their butt litter problem to their neighbours and the surrounding area - and as Glenda said, that is completely unacceptable."

Brunswick Private Hospital is one of over 25 hospitals, clinics and medical facilities every week choosing to go Smoke Free and Butt Litter Free the right way by incorporating No BuTTs proven Med-Eco Program.

No BuTTs Med-Eco Program is economical, effective and sustainable, simple to implement and provides immediate results in butt litter reduction.

No BuTTs Med-Eco Program includes:

  • The installation of fixed Eco-Pole Stainless Steel Ashtrays for use as Butt It Out Now Zones. Smokers are instructed to extinguish their cigarettes then and there before proceeding. Butt It Out Now Zones are NOT Designated Smoking Zones (where smoking is permitted). Butt It Out Now Zones simply give smokers the ability to responsibly dispose of their cigarette butts immediately.
  • Optional: The installation of fixed Eco-Pole Stainless Steel Ashtray (s) as a Designated Smoking Zone where patients (only) can smoke in a safe and well lit area - and without the need to wheel their drips off the property - and properly dispose of their butts when finished.
  • The distribution of Personal Ashtrays to patients, staff and visitors. Personal Ashtrays give smokers the ability to safely, easily and responsibly dispose of their cigarette butts wherever they go to smoke. Over 95% of No BuTTs Med-Eco clients are choosing to place quit smoking messages, links, phone-numbers or QR Codes to quit smoking help websites on their Personal Ashtrays. 
  • Appropriate Signage so that smokers can easily understand, comply and assist with the facility's Smoke-Free/Butt Litter Free policy.

Going Smoke Free the wrong way...

Northern Hospital goes Smoke-Free the wrong way
..and here's the result.
"Sadly in this day and age there are still some hospitals and medical facilities out there that have decided to go Smoke Free the wrong way - without assisting their patients, staff and visitors to be able to do the right thing with their butts." said Jack.

"Ironically, Northern Hospital, around 10 kms down the road from Brunswick Private Hospital is a classic text book case of going Smoke Free the wrong way."

Northern Hospital Management have banned smoking on their premises without assisting their smokers to be able to do the right thing wherever they go to smoke.

"Consequently, there are literally 1,000s of cigarette butts being littered daily just outside their perimeter."

...just go somewhere else to litter your butts.
"Further, and as a disgraceful indictement of Northern Hospital's flawed policy - and despite the display of No Smoking Signs - there are also 100s of butts littered daily within their premises".

Patients smoking near entrance of Northern Hospital.
...Regardless of No Smoking Signs.  ...What are they expected to do?
"And that's because some patients who smoke are literally unable to walk the 100 metres or so off the hospital's grounds to have a ciggie, so they are forced to huddle - often with drips in their arms -near the entrance."

"It's for this reason that we always recommend the provision of a Designated Smoking Zone for patients only."

"Northern Hospital's approach to going Smoke Free is nothing more than complete environmental and local community irresponsibility - as well as placing undue risk on those of their patients that simply have to smoke."

No BuTTs was contacted a few days ago by a local citizen of Epping who was so disgusted at the amount of cigarette butt litter pervading Northern Hospital's perimeter and surrounds she actually emailed photos through to us - and they speak for themselves.



  By No BuTTs & Brunswick Private Hospital [30th July 2014]


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