Rose Lamrock  1973 - 2010

September 16th 2010

Rose Lamrock - Always loved and adored...  Forever missed...
It is with unbearable shock and sadness and overwhelming grief that we must inform all our customers, suppliers and friends that our beautiful co-founder, Rose Lamrock tragically died early Thursday morning September 16th after accidentally falling from her balcony in Melbourne.

Rose was only 37.

Rose was the spark that ignited the No BuTTs flame and without her, No BuTTs would never have been created. 

Thanks to our Rosie there are millions of people, and thousands of locations around the world using our products every day to eliminate their cigarette butt litter. ...and more every day. 

And even though they might not know it, they have Rose to thank for giving them the ability to help protect our planet - the planet she loved so much.

 Rose @ Fad Gallery...
Rose was a lover of life, love and light and music - and an adventurer, a free spirit, fashionista, environmentalist, flower-child, philosopher, mogul, poet, inspirer, model, dancer, soul-mate and so much more - and she brought joy and amazement to all those who ever met her and had the
privilege of knowing her.

Rose was captivating... She sparkled.

Our Rosalina shimmered....

...The candle that burns the brightest also burns the quickest...

Rose lived her life to the fullest - and all those who knew her, and adored her for her amazing, intoxicating energy and so much more, deep down probably knew that she was never destined to grow old - and so we rejoice in her life and the precious time we had with her.

But we wish she could have stayed with us even just a little longer. We miss her so badly.

Our sweet Rose on a beautiful hot summers night
Rose forever touched the lives of everyone she met - from 3 years to 90 years old. Rose could talk to anyone and make them feel good - and that included pets and animals too. 

Our most wonderful Rosie could
even grow flowers that aren't even supposed to bloom in a Melbourne Winter.

...Every living thing that ever met Rose fell in love with Rose...

The world is suddenly now a much sadder place without her. 

We're crying, and we can't imagine life without you, Rose. Our lives will never be the same.

Some of us here are asking ourselves if we even have the energy and motivation left to continue our efforts. It's going to be very sad without her - and nowhere near as much fun.

But then we think of our Rosie and can see her smiling and laughing on the beach - and then, eye-brow raised, discovering someone's littered butt in the sand - and reminding us that "We're going to stop this..."

We promise you we will, Rosie.

That beautiful Rose smile...
...Brighter than sunshine.
...We will miss you forever sweet Rose
So though our hearts are broken and our world has been shattered, we re-dedicate ourselves to moving forward with Rose's dream for a butt free Australia and a butt free planet - because as Rose often said, "It's one more little step in the right direction, and the world is not an ashtray."

Maybe in some small way, No BuTTs is one of Rose's many legacies.

We'd give anything - everything - to have her back, or to hear the sound of her laughter just one more time.

Wherever she is now we know she is doing cartwheels on a beach somewhere with that amazing Rosie smile.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her Mum and Dad, her two sisters, her multitude of friends - and all those whose lives she indelibly touched, and who knew her and adored her.

We truly love you Rose. We LOVE you!  ...We always will.  We console ourselves a little by knowing that we always told you we did - and that wherever you are, you know we do.

You blew our minds, lit up our lives and made us tingle, and we will love you and miss you forever...  Love and Light baby...

...Rest in peace our sweet, wonderful, amazing, gorgeous lady.

...Your loving team at No BuTTs. xxx

....and in the end, ..the love you take, ...is equal to the love you make.......
The Beatles 

 ...mourning the loss of our beautiful co-founder Rose Lamrock. Rest in peace sweet Rosie.

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