Blue Mist for SlotMate Ashtrays now even better at tobacco odor neutralizing and air-freshening

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Blue Mist liquid for SlotMate Ashtrays for gaming machines
Blue Mist liquid and spray for SlotMate Ashtrays has been reformulated to provide even better tobacco odor neutralizing and air freshening performance.

Blue Mist is used in conjunction with No BuTTs International's award winning SlotMate Ashtrays for gaming machines and has been enhanced to provide 25% more effectiveness.

Over 500 casinos, gaming venues and clubs around the world are now using SlotMate Ashtrays to reduce the problems associated with smoking allowed gaming machine areas.

SlotMate Ashtrays provide the following benefits to gaming venues:

  • Instant extinguishing of cigarette butts with no smouldering
  • A dramatic reduction in VOCs degrading air quality in gaming venues
  • Elimination of burning cugarettes ending up on gaming area floors and carpets and burning counters, chairs and other venue furniture
  • Elimination of ash and dust littering counters and gaming machines
  • A far more attractive venue with no open ashtrays filled with unsigthly cigarette butts, ash and embers
  • A far more efficient use of staff labor when emptying/servicing ashtrays
  • No disruption to patrons when ashtrays are emptied by simply swapping and used base for a fresh one in seconds
  • Ashtrays can then be serviced and cleaned away from public areas

SlotMate Ashtray for Gaming Machines - New & Improved
"SlotMate Ashtrays have taken the gaming industry by storm and our new Blue Mist formulation makes a great product even better." says Jack Jacobson, Founder & CEO of No BuTTs International.  "The improvement in the air in gaming venues smoking designated areas is immediate and dramatic."

"Additionally, ugly open and exposed ashtrays and all their associated problems can be consigned to the trash bin which is exactly where they belong.  No BuTTs International's SlotMate Ashtrays make things easier for patrons and staff and that's why over half a dozen gaming venues around the world are switching to SlotMate Ashtrays every week."

Blue Mist Liquid and Spray for SlotMate Ashtrays
Blue Mist is supplied in 4 gallon (15 ltr) drums and available with two options for dispensing into fresh SlotMate Ashtray bases.  A tap at the base of the Blue Mist drums easily dispenses the required amount of Blue Mist into a fresh base.  Alternatively a push-down pump at the top of the drum refills a SlotMate base with only a few presses.

Blue Mist can also be sprayed directly into the top of SlotMate Ashtrays when in service.

 Blue Mist Spray
Blue Mist for SlotMate Ashtrays for gaming machines has been specifically formulated to eliminate the unpleasant smell of cigarette butts whilst also instantly extinguishing cigarette butts and preventing smouldering cigarettes. 

Blue Mist also captures ash and embers when used in conjunction with SlotMate Ashtrays.

For info or to order Blue Mist call No BuTTs International on (+61) 1300-NOBUTTS or email


SlotMate Ashtrays and Blue Mist Liquid & Spray.

A breath of fresh air for gaming venues...








  By No BuTTs International [20th June 2018]


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