Ballina RSL Club installs No BuTTs International's award winning SlotMate Ashtrays for gaming machines

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Ballina RSL Club installs No BuTTs SlotMate Ashtrays for gaming machines
Ballina RSL Club is the latest RSL Club to upgrade their venue to No BuTTs new and improved SlotMate Ashtrays for gaming machines in the Designated Smoking Areas of their club.

Returned and Services League Clubs in Australia are a support organisation for men and women who have served or are serving in the Defence Force.

SlotMate Ashtrays are specifically designed for gaming machines and poker machines and assist patrons to safely and easily eliminate ash and ember droppings as they play - and dispose of their cigarette butts instantly while also eliminating cigarette roll-offs and smouldering butts.

SlotMate Ashtray for Gaming Machines - New & Improved
"Simply put, SlotMate Ashtrays make things easier for our patrons and also our staff" said a Spokesperson from Ballina RSL Club.  "Smouldering butts in open ashtrays are now a thing of the past and air quality has been significantly improved because of it."

Smouldering butts which are inevitable in obsolete 'open' ashtrays are the main cause of increased VOCs in gaming venues. 

"Volatile Organic Compounds is the scientific term for all the nasties inherent in the smoke emitted from smouldering cigarette butts." said No BuTTs International Founder & CEO Jack Jacobson.  "Additionally, dropped cigarettes that roll off and out of open ashtrays are the #1 cause of carpet burns, furniture damage, smouldering and even worse, fires in gaming venues."

Ballina RSL Club is located in beautiful Ballina on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia.

Ballina RSL Club has recently competed a major renovation to their venue and as part of their upgrade has installed No BuTTs International's award winning SlotMate Ashtrays on all the gaming machines in their smoking allowed areas.

SlotMate Ashtrays eliminate ash, embers and butts ending up on your gaming venue's floor.
No mess, no ash, no smouldering, no burned carpets.  No BuTTs about it!
"The great thing about No BuTTs new SlotMate Ashtrays for gaming machines is that they give smokers the ability to easily and safely eliminate dropped ash, embers and cigarette butts as they enjoy playing their gaming machines." said Jack.

"Ballina RSL Club is one of the leading RSL clubs on the NSW Central Coast - and we're very pleased to be able to assist them to minimise cigarette ash, embers and butts from ending up on their gaming room floors."

SlotMate Ashtrays from No BuTTs have been redesigned and improved and now incorporate four dedicated cigarette holders that eliminate roll-offs that often result in lit cigarettes ending up on the gaming room floors and carpet.

SlotMate Ashtray - Top View
"The earlier version of SlotMate Ashtrays was a breakthrough in minimising the problems associated with smoking designated gaming areas.  But the new version of SlotMate is a even better, with improvements that specifically address the problem of cigarette roll-offs by providing four separate cigarette holders that ensure that lit cigarettes won't roll off the ashtray and end up smouldering on the floor as our patrons enjoy playing our gaming machines." said a spokesperson from Ballina RSL Club.

Eliminating smouldering cigarettes and butts also dramatically improves venue air quality by reducing VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) circulating in the air in smoking designated areas.

"Smouldering butts actually create far worse smoke in the air because the smoke has not been inhaled through the cigarette butt filter and is therefore much more noxious and odorous." said Jack. 

"The fact that our Blue Mist Liquid & Spray instantly extinguishes cigarette butts and eliminates smouldering and the unpleasant smell of cigarette smoke and butted out cigarettes goes a long way to improving air quality - a fact acknowledged by our growing list of gaming venue clients."

"Anyone who has ever smelled an open ashtray filled with cigarette butts - and the acrid smoke emitted by smouldering butts will know exactly what I mean."

No BuTTs currently assists over 500 casinos, gaming venues and RSL Clubs across Australia and around the world to reduce cigarette butt litter with:

For an information pack on No BuTTs new and improved SlotMate Ashtrays call (+61) 1300 NOBUTTS (+61 1300 662 888) or email

  By No BuTTs & Ballina RSL Club [14th February 2018]


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