Not A Good Look website launched by Butt Free Australia.

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Butt Free's Not A Good Look CampaignButt Free, Australia's leading NGO dedicated to cigarette butt litter reduction has launched its new campaign website site launch coincides with Butt Free's annual "Butt Free City campaign".

Whether you are someone who is sick of seeing discarded butts everywhere or you know you shouldn’t drop them yourself, the website enables visitors to do something practical about it.

This includes the ability to obtain a free personal ashtray in return for a pledge to PLEASE BUTT IT, THEN BIN IT®, a poster explaining that butt littering is not a good look and the ability to send an email to a friend or colleague advising about the impacts of butt litter.

Butt Free City is traditionally Butt Free Australia's flagship project. Campaigns have traditionally taken place late in March each year, partnering with local governments around Australia. 

Butt Free Australia
"This year, Butt Free City will kick off on 17th May with nine champion cities: Brisbane, Canberra, Gosford, Melbourne, Mildura, Parramatta, Port Adelaide Enfield, Townsville and Wollongong taking the campaign to the streets."said Wendy Jones, Executive Director of Butt Free Australia.

Butt Free City is based on a successful City of Melbourne CBD campaign supported by Butt Free Australia (formerly the Butt Littering Trust) in 2004.

"No BuTTs works very closely with Butt Free Australia, and their ongoing commitment to reduce cigarette butt littering is changing the littering habits of 1,000s of smokers everyday" said Jack Jacobson, No BuTTs Managing Director. 

"We're proud that Butt Free uses No BuTTs products for their campaigns and we wish Butt Free continued success with their endeavours - and also congratulate them on the new website at"



  By Butt Free Australia & No BuTTs [16th May 2010]


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