Wave Rock Festival says No BuTTs about it with Portable Ashtrays

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One of the world's most amazing rock formations - and too beautiful to litter.The Wave Rock festival in WA was one of the first festivals & events to adopt a zero-tolerance policy regarding cigarette butt litter at their event by providing Mini-Butts personal ashtrays to all attendees during the event.

Held from the 25th - 26th September at the world famous Wave Rock Formation, located 350 kms south-east of Perth, Western Australia, organisers are again confident that cigarette butt litter would be virtually eradicated at this year’s festival.

Karen Lee, Event Director said that the feedback they had received from other events on Mini-Butts personal ashtrays had been completely enthusiastic, and WRF organisers had also been delighted with results.

“Most of the people that attended our festival are already environmentally responsible, so it was logical to assist them to do the right thing, no matter where they were at our event,” said Ms Lee, adding that “cigarette butts at last year’s event were about as rare as hens teeth.”

"We've been supplying complimentary No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays to Wave Rock Festival attendees for the last three years and are very happy with results."

“The fact that patrons could also take them away and from that point on continue to be responsible with their butts only helped confirm to us that we were on the right track, and that's why we're doing it again this year.”

Wave Rock Festival's Pocket Ashtrays
No BuTTs Managing Director, Jack Jacobson said that over 1,000 Festivals and Events around the world now provide Mini-Butts personal ashtrays to their patrons.

“Most of our fesitval clients provide a complimetary pocket ashtray with each ticket sold and also make additional ashtrays available via their merchandising sections. Logo printed Pocket Ashtrays are also a great Eco-friendly promotional product, and our clients always report strong sales.”

"Logo printed Pocket Ashtrays also make a great little souvenir to take home for family and friends and are a constant reminder to users of the event which is excellent advertising."

  By No BuTTs & Supersonic Events [11th August 2010]


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