Film Production & Services company Killer Art kicks their cast and crews butts!

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Killer Art Film Services is kicking its cast and crews butts on location.
Film Production and FX Services company Killer Art has taken delivery of their first bunch of Personal Ashtrays from No BuTTs for distribution to cast and crew when on location.

Andrew Bowden of Killer Art confirmed their order for 500 Personal Butt Holders from No BuTTs saying that half of them were destined for an upcoming shoot in West Papua, New Guinea.

"I received an urgent request on a Saturday morning from one of our clients to quickly organise Personal Ashtrays for the cast and crew prior to flying out the following Tuesday to West Papua for a shoot, and obviously this didn't leave us much time at all." said Andrew.

"The client was adamant that the possibility of cast and crew littering their cigarette butts in the jungles of West Papua was completely unacceptable and instructed us that for this reason personal Butt Holders were essential."

Film Production should never mean butt litter production.
"I actually didn't have very high hopes at all that we would be able to find a company that could make it happen in three days, especially considering that it was a Saturday, but that was before we discovered No BuTTs."

"I Googled Personal Butt Holders and up popped No BuTTs. I really liked what I saw on their website so I called them expecting to get an answering machine or answering service - so I was absolutely delighted when Jack Jacobson from No BuTTs answered my call at 8am that Saturday morning."

"Although I was doubtful that an order placed on a Saturday could be delivered interstate by Monday, the day before we flew out, Jack was confident that the team at No BuTTs could make it happen which was very reassuring!"

"I placed the order immediately and Jack said he'd contact me later that day to update me on the delivery of our Butt Holders. Amazingly, he called back within half an hour and was able to supply a con-note number confirming transport of our order from Melbourne with delivery to our Sydney offices by Monday morning."

Personal Ashtrays from No BuTTs help get the message out - especially with our new QR Codes.
"Right on time at 9am Monday morning their couriers delivered our Butt Holders to our office in Beaconsfield. The personal Butt Holders were perfect for our requirements but the service we received from Jack Jacobson and the No BuTTs team was simply sensational and I can't thank them enough for their enthusiatic attitude to assisting us with our urgent Butt Holders." said Andrew.

"When Andrew from Killer Art called me early that Saturday morning he was quite dubious that we'd be able to have his order delivered by first thing Monday, but I knew we could do it!" said No BuTTs Managing Director, Jack Jacobson. "No Butts specialises in assisting our clients at short notice and this was simply another opportunity to assist our clients to eliminate their cigarette butt litter - which is why No BuTTs was created in the first place."

"We've got a great team at No BuTTs and we love what we do, so there was no problem getting everyone together at short notice on a Saturday to assist Andrew with his requirements.  It's actually more satisfying for us when there is a little pressure on to make things happen so quickly for our clients, but we always like the challenge, and we've never had a single experience where we
couldn't deliver Personal Ashtrays when and where our clients needed us to." said Jack.

"We are so impressed with No BuTTs and their products that we have decided to implement their Personal Butt Holders at all shoot locations from this point on." said Andrew. "Obviously we have cleaners come in after shoots and return the location to its pre-shoot condition but sometimes cigarette butts can be overlooked - and this is not acceptable, especially in the pristine wilds of West Papua."

Over 250 Film and Television Production organisations are now distributing No BuTTs award winning Personal Ashtrays / Butt Holders to cast and crew when on location. That's good for all and great for the environment.  No BuTTs about it.



  By No BuTTs & Killer Art FX Services [21st February 2014]


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