Burwood & Strathfield Councils reorder No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays and Eco-Pole Wall/Post Ashtrays

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Burwood Council and Strathfield Council have reordered No BuTTs 'Mini-Butts' Personal Ashtrays and Eco-Pole Wall/Post Ashtrays.

Burwood & Strathfield Councils latest Personal Ashtrays from No BuTTsLocated to the west of the Sydney CBD near the Homebush Olympic facilities, Burwood and Strathfield Councils have been distributing No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays for the last four years.  Both reorders also include Eco-Pole Wall/Post Ashtrays for fixed installation on council rubbish bins and street poles.

Enviromental Education Officer for Burwood Council, Edwina Holland confirmed their order for another 3,000 logo printed Personalised Ashtrays and Eco-Pole Ashtrays saying that Council is very happy with the reduction in local cigarette butt litter and intends to continue to educate their citizens about the problem of cigarette butt litter whilst providing them with Personal Ashtrays which can be used anywhere a smoker lights up.

"We're pleased to have been assisting Burwood and Strathfield Councils with their butt litter reduction programs for years, and the results - and their reorders speak for themselves." said Jack Jacobson, No BuTTs Managing Director.

"We always encourage neighbouring Councils and Shires to get together and collaborate on their butt litter reduction programs." said Jack. "This not only reduces the costs of their Personalised Ashtrays and programs, it also maximises the momentum of their efforts and results in an even higher level of cigarette butt litter reduction."

It's easy to see why Eco-Pole Ashtrays are the world's best selling Wall & Post-mounted Ashtrays
Thanks to the progressive efforts of Burwood and Strathfield Councils, and over 500 other Local Government Departments across Australia, there's never been more community awareness of the issue of cigarette butt litter - and how easy it is to eliminate the problem.

"Local Government can and should take the lead when it comes to educating their own citizens about the problem of cigarette butt litter - and councils like Burwood and Strathfield should be commended for their hands-on approach to reducing cigarette butt litter within their communities." said Jack.

"The great thing that happens when councils makes Personal Ashtrays available to their communities is that from that point on, smokers are able to do the right thing with their butts wherever they go.  That's good for all involved and great for the environment."

"Distributing Personal Ashtrays also generates very positive reactions to Council's butt litter reduction efforts from their local communities because most people abhor cigarette butt litter - especially non-smokers. People like to see effective results from their local councils and these results are visibly displayed everytime a smoker uses their council distributed Personalised Ashtrays. People do notice." said Jack

Personal Ashtrays are available free to residents from Burwood and Strathfield Town Halls and various council offices within their respective areas.

Over 500 Australian Government Departments at the Local, State and Federal level are now distributing No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays and installing No BuTTs Eco-Pole Wall/Post & Freestanding/Bollard Ashtrays.

Thanks to the efforts of these Departments, and over 1,000 other Departments spread across 30 countries, everyday around the planet more smokers are discovering No BuTTs Eco-Pole Wall/Post/Bollard Ashtrays and Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays - and changing their littering habits forever.


  By No Butts, Burwood Council & Strathfield Council [22nd June 2010]


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