Personal Ashtrays from No BuTTs continue to assist Greater Taree City Council to kicks butts!

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Greater Taree City Council is 1 of over 700 Local Govt Depts now distributing No BuTTs Personal / Pocket / Portable AshtraysPersonal Ashtrays from No BuTTs are continuing to assist Great Taree City Council to change their community's littering habits forever.

Greater Taree City Council has been distributing No BuTTs Mini-Butts Personal / Portable / Pocket Ashtrays since 2007 and has to date assisted over 5,000 smokers within their location to permanently stop littering their cigarette butts.

Research shows that once a smoker receives a Personal Ashtray over 95% of them stop littering their butts from that point on.

Athena Manoleras, Waste Management Project Officer for Greater Taree City Council confirmed GTCC's order for another 2,000 logo printed Personal Ashtrays with new artwork for delivery before 30th June.

Personal / Portable / Pocket Ashtrays help protect Taree Australia from cigarette butt litter
Located on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, less than 3 hours north of Sydney, 2 hours north of Newcastle and 1 hour south of Port Macquarie, the Local Government Area of Greater Taree encompasses an area of 3,752 sq km and a population of approximately 48,000 residents.

Greater Taree City Council services a number of towns and villages and firmly focuses on providing the residents of the Manning Valley with professional, quality services, which benefit the people, economy and environment.

"We'd love the smokers in our community to quit smoking, but if they can't we're adamant that they at least stop littering their cigarette butts - and we're happy to help them do it. That's good for the environment and great for everyone else." said Athena.

Greater Taree City Council's new Pocket/Personal/Portable Ashtrays from No BuTTs"So apart from our GTCC logo and website, we're also taking the opportunity to print our slogan 'Protect the environment & your health - Quit Smoking' onto our No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays."

"There's simply no excuses whatsoever for butt littering especially when the local council offers their citizens free personal ashtrays."

"Greater Taree City Council is one of the most proactive City Councils when it comes to the issue of reducing their community's cigarette butt litter and they've been distributing No BuTTs Personal / Pocket / Portable Ashtrays for years." said No BuTTs Managing Director Jack Jacobson.

"These days 'smoking' is a contentious issue, and sadly because of this, there are some Shires and Councils who seem to want to shy away from actively addressing this important environmental issue - and that's a very unfortunate missed opportunity to change the littering habits of their smokers forever."

"Every Government Department, Organisation and Business around the planet that has implemented the distribution of No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays has reported a significant decrease in cigarette butt litter. That's because Personal Ashtrays don't just provide an immediate solution to actual butt littering, they also visibly increase awareness of the problem of cigarette butt litter everytime they're used - and that's the key to successful Butt Litter Reduction Campaigns."

Don't stick your head in the sand. 
Your smokers are still going to smoke regardless of any smoking policy.
"GTCC's new campaign is an ingenious program that not only addresses these issues, it also grinds home the message, each and every time the smoker uses their Personal Ashtray, that apart from quitting littering, it would be even better if they actually quit smoking."

"Greater Taree City Council exemplifies the highest standards of a progressive approach by Local Government to doing something about their community's butt littering while at the same time encouraging their smokers to quit - and GTCC should be commended for doing so."

Over 1,500 Govt Depts and NGOs around the planet are now distributing No BuTTs Personal / Pocket / Portable Ashtrays to their communities.  Everyday 1,000s of smokers around the world are discovering No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays for the first time - and changing their littering habits forever.

  By No BuTTs & Greater Taree City Council [9th June 2010]


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