Personal, Pocket & Portable Ashtrays for Eco-Tourism based businesses & organisations

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. How many cigarette butts have your smokers littered today?
2. And who's seen them doing it?

Over 2,500 tourism based businesses around the world have asked themselves the same questions - and are now using No BuTTs Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays / Portable Ashtrays to reduce - and in many cases eliminate - their affiliated cigarette butt litter.

The world is not your ashtray
Apart from the serious environmental consequences of cigarette butt litter,  from a corporate publicity position it doesn’t get much worse than the damage caused by Affiliated Butt Litter.  That's the cigarette butt litter emanating from any tourism based organisation's smokers - whether they're employees & staff, guests, passengers, patrons, customers, contractors, visitors, etc. 

‘Affiliated’ smokers can either create a positive impression of a business - or a negative one.  It all gets down to what they do with their butts.

The problem is even worse when affiliated smokers litter their butts in public and/or are in some ways identifiable - or affiliated - with the company.

This can include:

  • Customers renting camper vans, etc travelling around the country and littering their butts as they go
  • Guests standing outside a hotel or backpackers, etc littering their butts
  • Passengers about to step onto, or who have just stepped off a tour coach or charter cruise boat littering their butts
  • Visitors to a tourist destination or landmark littering their butts
  • Staff belonging to a tourism based business littering their butts - especially when identifiable or in uniform, etc

What smokers do does impact on every tourism based business and organisation's public profile.  People do notice.

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 Information Downloads:

Things to consider for Coach, Cruise & Tour Operators:
     They're your Customers...
     You brought them here... 

Butt Litter Reduction Checklists:
     Accom: Hotels, Motels, Resorts & ApartmentsUluru Kata Tjuta National Park has switched to No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays
     Tours:   Coach, Cruise & Tours

Ten Reasons Why Your Organisation Needs Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays

Logo Printing - Print Options & Specs

Some Examples of Eco-Tourism Client Campaigns:
     Client Posters - The Only Butt - Coach Tours - USA
     Client Posters - The Only Butt - Coach Tours - Vered
     Client Posters - The Only Butt - Tours - Savannah Guides
     Client Posters - The Only Butt - Aviation Tours - USA Air Tours
     Client Posters - The Only Butt - Cruise - DescaradA Charters
     Client Posters - The Only Butt - Cruise - Kiwa II Cruise NZ
     Client Posters - The Only Butt - Cruise - Pelicans Landing
     Client Posters - The Only Butt - Cruise - Rockingham Wild Encounters
     Client Posters - The Only Butt - Cruise - Alaska
     Client Posters - The Only Butt - Camper Tours - My Drive Holiday

Eco-Tourism Mini-Butts Personal AshtraysNo BuTTs are now assisting over 2,500 environmentally responsible tourism based companies and organisations across the planet to reduce - and in many cases eliminate - the cigarette butt litter created by their smokers. 

From the smallest hotels and tour companies all the way to National Parks and multinational accommodation giants, and everyone in between, Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays don't just reduce the problem of butt litter - they can essentially eliminate it - and any negative repercussions that result from affiliated butt litter. 

Personal Ashtrays help your customers protect the environment and your corporate image
That's not only great news for our environment, it's also very beneficial to  tourism based companies and organisations who understand the importance of protecting their corporate image and profile from the damaging effects of Affiliated Butt Litter.  After all, they're your customers.

It's for these reasons that the vast majority of our customers also choose to logo print their Mini-Butts personal ashtrays, making them an outstanding eco-friendly promotional product that will be seen, used and appreciated long after smokers have left their location and providing a stunning eco-friendly display of their organisation's high standards of environmental protection and responsibility.Eco-Tourism logo

Special Bonus offers apply to Eco-Tourism members so if you're a member, call us now.


Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays:-

  • Kick butts with our stylish, slightly off-beat, and cheeky Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays!
  • Now with reinforced hinges incorporating Stainless Steel hinge pins!
  • Now lasts for years!
  • Made from melt-proof & heat-resistant ABS plastic
  • So easy to use!
  • Pop it open, Drop butt in, Snap it closed and Shake it for a few seconds!
  • Reusable & recyclable
  • Comes in a wide range of fab colours No BuTTs Personal/Pocket Ashtrays are the world's best selling Portable Ashtray - by far!
  • Logo printing is available for a minimum quantity of only 500 Mini-Butts
  • Stronger, smarter, cheaper (and cuter) than other products 
  • Holds over 12 butts. Easy to empty - butts don’t jam
  • Fits easily in pocket, hand or bag
  • Clip it on belt, bag, pocket or pack of cigarettes
  • No need to ever drop a butt again - the environment loves you!
  • Snap-Lock lid ensures odours and ash are trapped inside and butts don’t fall foul

You can eliminate your smokers cigarette butt littering for less than $2.50 per customer, passenger, guest, patron, visitor, etc... 

Protect the environment.  
Protect your corporate image.

No BuTTs. ...because the world is not an Ashtray.

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