Logo Printing & Promotions

The fact is Branding is great advertising.  Well over half of No BuTTs clients order their ashtrays with their logo, info &/or slogan etc printed in full colour on them.

People appreciate good corporate citizens who are clearly committed to reducing cigarette butt litter – and logo printing helps get the message out, and enhances any organisation's image and environmental credentials.

In most cases, No BuTTs also prints an anti-littering tag along with your logo so customers can see you are encouraging them and assisting them to be environmentally responsible.

Take Advantage of our Free Logo & Artwork Design Service!

If you like the idea of your corporate logo etc printed on your No BuTTs products, and would like to see some designs for your specific requirements just drop us a line to discuss your thoughts.  All we need is an EPS file of your logo and any ideas you may have on Mini-Butt colours and printing colours, and any extra info, eg your website , phone number, anti-littering slogan, organisation motto.

There's no obligation whatsoever - it's just that client specific artwork designs can assist our customers with regard to any future butt litter reduction campaigns they may implement.  We're happy to help you turn your ideas into reality.Over 500 organisations have switched to No BuTTs Personal/Pocket/Portable Ashtrays

By the way, in most cases any extra info you'd like included with your logo can be printed in the same one print as when we print your logo.  This means that you can usually have your website, phone, other info printed for the same price as logo only.  You don't pay extra, for extra information.

No BuTTs also have a rapidly growing number of organisations that have discovered that apart from reducing the problem of cigarette butt litter and helping the environment, Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays and Windproof Ashtrays also make fantastic gifts, souvenirs and promotional products that will be seen, used and appreciated long after they've left your location.

Logo printed Mini-Butts also make a fantastic fund raiser for sports clubs and other organisations that rely on member support to augment their funds.

We also assist Govt Depts and Corporations with Eco-Pole Ashtray branding.

If your business or organisation appreciates the value of advertising your logo on environmentally positive and eco-friendly products, call 1300-nobutts or email us today.   We'd be only too happy to discuss your specific thoughts or requirements.


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