No BuTTs releases new and upgraded Windproof Flip-top Stainless Steel Table-top Ashtray

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Windproof Ashtray - No BuTTs new & improved 2013 model now available!
No BuTTs has released their new and upgraded Stainless Steel Flip-top Windproof Table-top Ashtrays.

No BuTTs Windproof Ashtrays are the world's best selling windproof table-top ashtrays - by far.

Over 10,000 hospitality based businesses around the world are now using No BuTTs award winning Stainless Steel Flip-top Windproof Ashtrays.

No BuTTs Windproof Ashtrays protect our environment, the appearance of their location, and assist their patrons, guests and staff to eliminate cigarette butt litter at outdoor tables, smoking areas, poolside and on balconies..

Windproof Ashtrays are now required by most Australian Councils and Shires for use on any commercial outdoor tables and dining areas. 

"No BuTTs Windproof Flip-top Ashtrays were already the most durable product available to the hospitality and accom industry - but now we've made them even better." said No BuTTs Managing Director, Jack Jacobson.

No BuTTs Windproof Ashtrays (aka Windless Ashtrays) have been upgraded in stainless steel thickness by 30% and the spot-welding of the operating lever/tab has also been increased by 50%.

"At No BuTTs we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality, most intelligently designed and price competitive ashtrays available, whether it be Wall or Post-mounted Ashtrays, Freestanding/Bollard Ashtrays, Personal Ashtrays or Table-top Windproof Ashtrays." said Jack.

Windproof Ashtray - New 2013 Model - Specs
"There's no other products out there that even come close to the ashtrays that No BuTTs produces when it comes to the design, style, functionality, durability and price of our range of ashtrays.

"No BuTTs sells 1,000s of Windproof Ashtrays every month so with our new and improved Windproof Ashtrays which are now exactly 1 mm thick, we even did wind testing with an anemometer to calibrate wind resistance at outdoor tables, poolside and dining areas that can be subjected to high winds."

"The results were amazing!"

No BuTTs previous model Windproof Ashtray which weighs 200 gms (7 oz) could sustain a wind gust of 50 kms/hour before being susceptible to being blown off an outdoor table.

"But our new Windproof Ashtrays, which as a result of the increase in stainless steel thickness now weigh in at 350 gms (12 oz) - which is almost double the weight of the our previous Windproof Ashtray withstood wind gusts of 80 kms/hour." said Jack. 

"And let me tell you, if any location with outdoor tables is under attack from 80 kms per hour gusts of wind, there's not going to be anyone sitting at those outdoor tables. It's just too windy."

No BuTTs new 2013 Windproof Ashtrays
come with a Lifetime Warranty!
The other obvious advantage of increasing the gauge of No BuTTs Stainless Steel Windproof Ashtrays is that they are now even more durable - and essentially impervious to the rigours of use at bars, pubs, cafes and hotels.

"And that's why No BuTTs is now offering a Lifetime Warranty on 2013 model Windproof Ashtrays."

If for any reason a 2013 model Windproof Ashtray ever fails to perform as it should, or malfunctions in any way, No BuTTs will replace that item with another 2013 model Windproof Ashtray at no charge (excluding postage).

  By No BuTTs [7th August 2013]


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