Tasmania's Port Arthur Historical Site switches to No BuTTs Mini-Butts Personal/Portable Ashtrays

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Tasmania's world famous Port Arthur Historical Site has taken delivery of their Mini-Butts Personal/Portable Ashtrays after switching to No BuTTs.

Port Arthur Historical Site"As soon as we saw No BuTT's Mini-Butts Portable Ashtrays it was obvious that it was a far superior product to the personal ashtray we had been using", said Karen Hooi-Collings, Port Arthur Visitor Centre Manager. 

"The first thing we noticed was that that the Mini-Butts could hold almost double the amount of cigarette butts that our old ButtsOut personal ashtrays could store but are only 5 millimetres bigger in depth.  That's a huge difference in convenience for our visitors that can often spend all day walking around Port Arthur Historical Site - and that makes a huge difference in the success of our efforts to reduce cigarette butt litter in and around Port Arthur."

"Another advantage we could instantly see was that the Mini-Butts had a much more secure lid that wouldn't pop open accidentally - and that's an important issue both for convenience and safety."

 Port Arthur Historical Site is another famous location that has switched to No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays.
The Old from Buttsout and the new from No BuTTs.
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"Additionally, the quality of logo printing on the Mini-Butts was much better than what we had previously used", said Ms Hooi-Collings.  "We were going to switch to Mini-Butts anyway, but the absolute clincher was the bonus of receiving one of No BuTTs Eco-Pole Wall/Post Ashtrays at no extra charge just for ordering our Mini-Butts.  The Eco-Pole Ashtray is another fantastic product from No BuTTs."

  By No BuTTs staff [3rd November 2009]


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