Tullamarine Melbourne Airport is reducing cigarette butt litter with No BuTTs new Eco-Pole DUO Freestanding/Bollard Ashtrays

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Melbourne Airport Tullamarine goes Butt Litter Free with No BuTTsTullamarine Melbourne Airport is addressing the serious environmental issue of cigarette butt litter at their location by installing No BuTTs Eco-Pole DUO Freestanding Bollard Ashtrays throughout their external facilities.

Melbourne Airport's Buildings and Landside Facilities Manager confirmed their order saying "We are confident that with No BuTTs experience in the field they will be able to assist, guide and supply 
systems that will help us manage our smoking issue."

Eco-Pole DUO Freestanding Bollard Ashtray
Melbourne Airport has installed 50 recently released No BuTTs Eco-Pole DUO Freestanding Bollard Ashtrays in the Forecourt area and other Designated Smoking Zones within their external facilities.

"As a proudly Australian company with Melbourne being our home town we are absolutely delighted that Tullamarine Melbourne Airport has chosen No BuTTs to assist them with their butt litter reduction program." said No BuTTs Managing Director, Jack Jacobson.

"There are many airports around the world that provide ventilated Smokers Areas or Smokers Huts within their facilities, but an increasing number of international airports, like Melbourne's Tullamarine Airport are or have completely banned smoking within their internal facilities."

"This creates some additional challenges with regard to external cigarette butt litter, because smokers have no alternative but to dash outside for a cigarette or two - or five - before they get on their flight, or after they've just disembarked."

Tullamarine Melbourne Airport goes Butt Litter Free with No BuTTs Eco-Pole Freestanding Bollard Ashtrays.
"It's critical for facilities management to provide effective options to deal with the reality that many of their passengers, visitors and staff smoke."

"Rather than telling smokers where they can't smoke, an increasing number of our aviation based clients are appreciating that the key to reducing cigarette butt litter and the other problems that smokers can create is to tell them where they can smoke - and make it easy for them to comply."

"We have No Smoking signs near every entrance/exit on both Arrival and Departure levels but we know, as do most of our international visitors, that any potential levying of, or attempted enforcement of levied fines etc is pointless. The passenger we might fine lives in Romania or Guongzhou so what are we really ultimately going to do about it?..."

Our new Eco-Pole DUO Freestanding Bollard Ashtray offers double the butt storage capcity with 2 separate Eco-Pole WET System Ashtrays in one unit!

"It makes a lot more sense to assist smokers to do the right thing in the right place by providing easily accessible Designated Smoking Zones. Smokers need to smoke. From the point of view of our passengers and visitors, both smokers and non-smokers - and the environment, it's our responsibility to address the issue, and with No BuTTs assistance we are." 

No BuTTs Eco-Pole DUO Freestanding Bollard Ashtrays provide double the butt storage capacity of other units, with two duplicate ashtrays attached to a single bollard, wherever an ashtray is required.

"That's the brilliant thing about our Eco-Pole Freestanding Bollard Ashtrays." said Jack. "There's no requirement for an existing wall, post or structure with which to attach the ashtray to. The Eco-Pole is the ashtray and the mounting point location in one."

Since its release in August 2012 over 1,000 hotels, shopping centres, airports and commercial facilities have installed Eco-Pole DUO Freestanding Bollard Ashtrays in their outdoor areas and multilevel carparks.


  By No BuTTs & Tullamarine Melbourne Airport [11th September 2012]


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