UGL goes butt litter free at Finucane Island development at Port Hedland in WA

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United Group is a subsidiary of BHP-BillitonUGL Resources (United Group), a subsidiary of BHP-Billiton has ordered Personal Ashtrays from No BuTTs for their Finucane Island development in North Western Australia as part of their ongoing efforts to eliminate employee & contractor butt littering.

Christopher Collier of UGL's Project Delivery Group said that No BuTTs 'Mini-Butts' Personal Ashtrays were the perfect solution to eliminate UGL employee and contractor butt litter because they can be used wherever someone smokes.

Finucane Island - UGL - BHP-Billiton Development
"Cigarette butt litter is bad anywhere, but it's particularly bad when those butts end up in the ocean or waterways." said Chris. "Our guys are working on the island's wharfs and jetties many of which are literally out over the water so it's critical to eliminate the possibility of our peoples butts ending up in the ocean."

 "We wish that our employees and contractors didn't smoke in the first place, but if they do, at least we can ensure that they can responsibly dispose of their butts in their ashtrays wherever they are." said Chris. "So apart from our 'U-SAFE' logo and website, we're also taking the opportunity to print a quit message onto our Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays that they'll see each and every time they use their Portable Ashtrays."

UGL Limited's new Yellow Personal Ashtrays from No BuTTs"UGL are doing the right thing for the environment and they're doing it the smart way by also encouraging their smokers to consider quitting." said No BuTTs Managing Director Jack Jacobson.

"The message is pretty simple: Protect the environment by quitting littering your butts. Even better, protect your health and quit smoking."

"Either way, the butts stop here." said Jack.

"And there's another message that distributing Personal Ashtrays to employees gets across and that's to also protect the public image and corporate profile of the company by not littering."

"The bloke in the hardhat that publically flicks his butt onto the ground or into the water is generally and for all intents and purposes anonymous - but the company whose name is on that hard hat, or safety vest, or vehicle isn't - and it's their reputation that suffers."

UGL Limited's new Blue Personal Ashtrays from No BuTTs
"Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays eliminate the problem and also make a very visible statement on the company's high environmental standards." said Jack.

"Australia's Mining, Energy and Construction industries generally exemplify the highest standards of environmental responsibility - and they should be applauded for doing so - but it only takes the actions of one irresponsible employee and all that good work is wasted because people do notice."

"These companies spend millions of dollars doing the right thing for the environment with water purification and air scrubbers, etc so it makes perfect sense to spend a few extra bucks per employee to eliminate such image negative behaviour as cigarette butt littering."

Over 3,000 Australian businesses now provide No BuTTs Personal / Pocket / Portable Ashtrays to their staff and contractors - from some of the smallest building companies to many of the world's multinational mining and construction giants.




  By NO BuTTs & UGL [29th June 2010]


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