University of Queensland begins 'Big Butt Crackdown'

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University of Queensland is the latest EDU to implement a No BuTTs Cigarette Butt Litter Reduction program.The University of Queensland, with campus locations across the Australian State of Queensland, is leading the way when it comes to addressing the serious environmental problem of cigarette butt litter at their locations.

The University of Queensland has embarked on its "Big Butt Crackdown" (we love it!!) in an effort to assist its Students, Faculty & Staff to eliminate their cigarette butt littering.  UQ logo printed No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays are now available free from Student Services offices at all campus locations - and Eco-Pole Wall & Post Ashtrays and Eco-Pole Freestanding/Bollard Ashtrays are being installed at Designated Smoking Zones around their locations.

"The fact is that everyone is here to learn, so it makes perfect sense to educate our campus community not only that cigarette butts are litter and very damaging to the environment, but that there's also a simple solution." said Mr Bao-Trung Trinh of UQ.

 UniGreen - Setting the standards for Eco-Friendly EDUs around the world!
"Over the last few years University of Queensland has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars "greenifying" our campus locations.  We've replaced light globes with long-life energy efficient flouro bulbs, installed solar heating, utilise rain water tanks to water our gardens - and have embarked on a "Reduce, Recycle, Reuse" campaign."

"It would make an absolute mockery of our efforts not to address the problem of cigarette butt litter around campus, especially when the solution to this problem is so simple and only costs around $2 per person." said Trinh.

"That's why we've initiated UQ's 'Big Butt Crackdown'. You wouldn't believe how many positive comments we've received with regard to our campaign.  Students, Faculty and Staff all love what we're trying to achieve and we've had a 100% positive response to our Big Butt Crackdown - including many messages of congratulations for the title of our campaign."

"Not only are we distributing UQ logo printed No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays via Student Services but we're now also placing them in the "O-Bags" we hand out to prospective students at our Open Days and Orientation Days.  Our logo printed Personal Ashtrays are a sensational way to publicise our committment to protecting the environment - and they have been very much appreciated by everyone who's received them."

University of Queensland / UniGreen's Personal Ashtray"Campuses around Australia and the world are leading the way when it comes to implementing No BuTTs Mini-Butts Personal Ashtray campaigns, because Mini-Butts are exceptionally well received by the younger generation who are very aware of the environment and their individual impact on it." said No BuTTs Managing Director Jack Jacobson.

It's easy to see why Eco-Pole Ashtrays are the world's best selling Wall & Post-mounted Ashtrays
"Combining Personal Ashtrays with fixed ashtray infrastructure like our Eco-Pole Wall & Post Ashtrays and Eco-Pole Freestanding/Bollard Ashtrays at Designated Smoking Zones has the effect of essentially eliminating the problem because smokers have the ability to easily and  responsibly dispose of their cigarette butts where ever and whenever they smoke. There's simply no excuses anymore for ever littering a cigarette butt." said Jack.

"Apart from that, smokers don't need to be dragged kicking and screaming to do the right thing with their butts.  They want to do the right thing - and No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays give them that ability, and that's why everyone who discovers our Personal Ashtrays for the first time thinks they are a brilliant idea - and that even applies to non-smokers who detest cigarette butt litter more than anyone."

"We know our butt litter reduction campaigns work wherever they're implemented so we were very confident that their campus community would love what University Management is trying to achieve and embrace their efforts - but I have to congratulate UQ on the ingenuity of the name of their campaign. It's the smartest and funniest campaign name we've ever heard."

No BuTTs smoking policy signs get peoples attention.
"One of the keys to No BuTTs success in assisting our clients to effectively and sustainably reduce their cigarette butt litter is that we always take a light-hearted look at the very serious environmental problem of cigarette butt litter." said Jack.

"From an educational point of view it's always far more effective to put a smile on peoples faces as opposed to poking them in the eye. We want to encourage people to think about the issue of their butt littering - and motivate them to change their littering habits forever."

"Smokers already cop alot of hassles because they smoke, but the reality is that most smokers are ready, willing and able to do the right thing with their butts - when they actually learn how easy it is to do the right thing, by always carrying a Personal Ashtray. And that's why the participation of responsible and progressive EDUs around the world is so important and so effective."

"Their students are there to learn so it's a great opportunity to teach them something else -and that's to protect our environment in another way by never littering their butts.  It makes perfect sense." 

International House College is a residential facility at the University of Queensland
"The response from Students, Faculty and Staff at University of Queensland has been fantastic and it's great to see the momentum of their butt litter reduction campaign continue to increase as UQ affiliated Colleges and Residential Facilties come on line with their own cigarette butt litter reduction initiatives - and No BuTTs is proud to be able to assist them all with their individual campaigns." said Jack.

"No BuTTs slogan is 'the world is not an ashtray' - and that message is being carried to more and more smokers everyday as they discover No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays for the first time - and change their littering habits forever."

"That's good for all and great for the environment."

No BuTTs are now assisting over 1,000 environmentally responsible Universities, Colleges, Campus and EDUs across the planet to reduce - and in many cases eliminate cigarette butt litter at their locations. 



  By No BuTTs and University of Queensland [14th July 2009]


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