KIWA II Cruising Charters in Auckland New Zealand kicks their passengers butts!

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KIWA II Cruising ChartersKIWA II Cruising based in Auckland Harbour New Zealand has begun distributing complimentary No BuTTs Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays to passengers on their charter cruises.

The KIWA II is a purpose built 60 foot two deck, three level party boat. Suitable for all weather conditions, she's big, spacious with a simply stunning upstairs viewing platform of the Harbour.

"We do allow smoking on KIWA II, but despite our best efforts to prevent our passengers butts from being flicked over the side, we knew that some butts were ending up in Auckland Harbour, and this was completely unacceptable to us, so we really looked long and hard for a solution to the problem." said Phillip Jones, owner of KIWA II Cruising.

The KIWA II - Auckland New Zealand
"Because of the potential fire risks, New Zealand maritime laws prevent any fixed ashtrays on charter boats so we always have table-top Windproof Ashtrays available, but we knew that sometimes, some of our passengers didn't see them, or weren't conveniently close enough to them to use them.  The problem tended to escalate during the cruises as our passengers had a little more to drink."

"We are a very environmentally responsible cruise operator so the problem of our passengers butt littering was extremely frustrating. I came across No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays on a trip to Australia and when I discovered them I was absolutely blown away by the concept - and the obvious solutions Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays provided to butt littering."

"Now, when our passengers arrive for a charter cruise, and our Skipper makes the required safety talk, he also invites any smokers on board to ask our staff for a free KIWA II Personal/Pocket Ashtray - which is also theirs to keep as a souvenir of their cruise on KIWA II."

Kiwa II Cruising's Pocket Ashtrays are helping protect New Zealand's Auckland Harbour from cigarette butt litter."The response from our passengers and guests has been absolutely phenomenal!" said Phil. "Our passengers are always thrilled to be offered a Personal Ashtray that they can use on the cruise and then take home with them - and from that point on stop littering their butts forever."

"By putting a Personal Ashtray in the hands of every passenger we have that smokes we have completely eliminated the problem.  We even have passengers that don't smoke asking us for one or two of our Personal Ashtrays so that they can give them to people they know that smoke - and we're happy to help. After all, they're our passengers."

"That our No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays instantly sove the problem of our passengers cigarette butt littering is great, but the fact that they're logo printed with KIWA II Cruising info is fantastic - and a great eco-friendly way to promote our company - and our high environmental standards."

"We love knowing that everyday, there are more and more people out and about now using our Mini-Butts wherever they go - and that everytime they use them, they're reminded of our company, and the great time they had on our cruise. Obviously we also like the fact that everytime our Pocket Ashtrays are used, it's another little win for the environment."

The only kind of butts you'll ever see on The KIWA II
"I know for certain that we have gained new customers and charters as a direct result of someone seeing or receiving one of our logo printed Personal Ashtrays, so our butt litter reduction program is actually paying for itself everytime we set sail. It's increasingly common for someone to contact our office and tell us that they had got KIWA II Crusing's info off a Personal Ashtray."

"No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays are a brilliant way to promote our business and also help the environment at the same time."

"I'm always amazed at how many tour and charter companies these days like to boast about their supposed eco-friendliness, but for whatever reason choose to ignore the basic and serious environmental problem of their own passengers and customers cigarette butt litter." said Jack Jacobson, No BuTTs Managing Director.

"Talk is cheap - and it's not like they aren't actually aware of the problem... Every time they see one of their customers smoking a cigarette, they know what's going on - and what's inevitably going to happen if they haven't bothered to provide a solution to their own customers cigarette butt littering."

KIWA II Cruises is protecting Auckland Harbour from their passengers cigarette butt litter with Personal Ashtrays"The good news is that every day more cruise charter, coach and tour based businesses around the planet are acknowledging the problem, and their 
own environmental reponsibilities - and deciding to do something about it."

"The Operators of KIWA II Cruising exemplify an ever growing number of tourism based businesses that actually do care about the environment, and consider the issue of their customers, passengers or guests cigarette butt litter fundamental to their eco-friendly efforts, and their credibility - and they should be commended for their high standards of environmental responsibility." 

"Apart from that important issue, logo printed Personal Ashtrays are probably the smartest eco-friendly promotional product available because not only do they help protect the environment, they're also a convenient little product that will be seen, used and appreciated - and advertise their business - long after their customers have received them."

Over 1,000 cruise & coach charter and tour based businesses around the world are now providing No BuTTs logo printed Personal Ashtrays to their passengers, guests & customers. 

That's good for all - and great for the environment.

  By No BuTTs & Kiwa II Cruising Charters [12th May 2010]


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