Thredbo Kosciuszko National Park & Ski Resort keeps kicking butts with No BuTTs Butt Bins

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Thredbo Ski Resort continues reducing cigarette butt litter in 2014
Thredbo Kosciuszko National Park & Ski Resort has reordered No BuTTs Branded Personal Ashtrays (aka Butt Bins) for the upcoming 2014 Ski Season which officially begins on Saturday 7th of June.

Environmental Services Manager, Euan Diver confirmed Thredbo Kosciuszko's reorder saying that No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays had become an integral part of their ongoing environmental initiatives.

"Thredbo understands the unique nature of the environment around us, so in conjunction with residents, guests and local businesses we are pitching in to ensure its sustainable commercial and ecological future. As part of this, Kosciuszko Thredbo has implemented a new plan called the Environment Management System (EMS)." said Euan. 

Thredbo Ski Resort's new Personal Ashtray design for 2014
The EMS is based on the international standard and covers all operational areas of Kosciuszko Thredbo's business. The EMS details a particular area’s operations and how they can manage their potential impact on the environment.

For example, the Thredbo Alpine Hotel plan outlines waste reduction and water conservation measures that will be implemented over and above those already in place. It is proposed to offer all other Thredbo businesses some components of the system in the near future to allow them to manage their own potential impact on the environment. 

"We're very pleased that Thredbo Management not only maintains the strong commitment to cigarette butt litter reduction that they've had for years, but are actually expanding their Bin Your Butts campaign for the 2014 season." said No BuTTs Managing Director, Jack Jacobson.

"The wonderful thing about No BuTTs Personal & Pocket Ashtrays & Butt Bins is that they give smokers the ability to safely, easily and responsibly dispose of their cigarette butts no matter where they are, so they are a dream come true for Ski Resorts and National Parks where visitors are for all intents and purposes basically scattered all over their location."

Thredbo Kosciuszko is Australia's premier Ski Resort
"That the user can then take their No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays away with them and do the
right thng with their butts from that point on is a sensational benefit for the environment."

"And when you factor in the highly visible logo printing and repeated use, it's not hard to see why No BuTTs Logo Printed Personal & Pocket Ashtrays (Butt Bins) are the hottest eco-friendly promotional product in the world."

"The thing about cigarette butt litter at ski resorts
is that apart from outside bars, restaurants and facilities where littered butts can quickly accumulate, butts scattered by the tens of thousands on ski runs and pathways across the mountain quickly disappear under the snow and are virtually undetectable."

"But that all changes in the Spring when the snow melts and all those butts reappear - but by then it's too late to prevent the problem."

'As the snow melts it's like some horrible kind of Peek-a-boo...'
"We actually had a new Ski Resort Manager a few years ago who, prior to the opening of the ski season politely declined the opportunity to reorder Butt Bins & Personal Ashtrays for his location - but he was on the phone in a hurry at the end of the season as quote "millions of the horrible little bastards are popping up all over the place as the snow melts. It's like some horrible kind of Peek-a-boo." End quote."

Thredbo's Environmental Management have also installed a fleet of Eco-Pole Stainless Steel Wall & Post-mounted Ashtrays at various strategic locations around the mountain, such as entrances to venues, lift stations and at public toilets etc.

It's not hard to see why Eco-Pole Ashtrays are now the world's best selling Wall & Post-mounted Ashtrays.
"The team at Thredbo actively engages in resource conservation, renewable energy use, recycling and other forms of waste reduction in addition to wildlife habitat preservation and environmental education. We can all do our bit for a better world." said Euan Diver.

"The “Bin Your Butts” campaign and distribution of the Thredbo branded No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays” continues with over 5,000 of the Butt Bins distributed in the 2013 season."

Thredbo ski resort is Australia's premier year round resort. Located in the Snowy Mountains. Thredbo was established back in 1956, when the first chairlifts and lodges transformed the snowy terrain into a snow rider’s dream. Thanks to this early vision, Thredbo now has a permanent population of 200 and has developed into year round resort enjoyed by close to a million people each year.


  By No BuTTs & Thredbo Kosciuszko National Park [8th April 2016]


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