Free No Smoking Signs & Smoking Info Signs

Appropriate signage assists in reducing cigarette butt litter by informing smokers about the specific smoking policy at your location. Every location and organisation has different requirements.  ..It's a sign of the times... 

The message generally falls into four catagories:

  • No Smoking.
  • This is a smoke free zone - please extinguish your cigarettes here.
  • Designated Smoking Zone - If you're going to smoke - please smoke here.
  • Ashtrays have been provided - please don't litter your butts.   

No Smoking Signs from No BuTTs that get people's attention!As a public service we offer a large range of downloadable no smoking signs, smoking info signs and generic butt litter reduction signage at no charge to anyone that may find them of assistance.

There's over 12 different designs to choose from.  We invite you to browse our selection and feel free to simply download which ever signs you think are best for your specific needs.  Laminate them, mount them - whatever you want.

If you care enough about the issue of cigarette butt litter to want to do something to reduce it, then we're happy to help.  The environment loves you too.

Please note that we do NOT supply actual free signs. Our signs are available free as downloadable pdfs to be printed out by the end-user.

Click here to view examples of our free wall signage posters for butt litter reduction programs.

Click here to view examples of Table or In-Room Signs

Click here for free Downloadable / Printable PDF Signs

Branded Signage

No BuTTs also specialises in specific branding, whether you're a Govt. Dept, Corporation, Small Business, Club, Hospital, Shopping Centre, Hotel, Event - whatever...

We can produce any signage you need - from your own original idea to a combination of one of our own signs and your logo - or anything in between. Call us on 1300-nobutts or email us to discuss your specific goals and requirements.

We can assist you with straight-to-the-point signage.  And if you like, we can help you to be a little "cheeky" with your butt litter reduction program.

After over 5,000 successful butt litter reduction programs across the planet we know that it's far more effective to educate smokers and encourage their compliance by putting a smile on their face - as opposed to poking them in the eye - so wherever possible we try to take a light hearted approach to this very serious problem.

This provides a great opportunity for organisations and corporations to get their smokers on board, for example by having staff contribute appropriate butt pictures for use in the company's butt litter reduction program.  It works brilliantly every time.

Click here to view examples of our most successful butt litter reduction programs.

Successful, sustainable, educational, effective, economical and image positive campaigns.

No BuTTs.   ...Because the world is not an Ashtray!




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