What are you going to do with that butt?

What are you going to do with that butt?OK.  So you're a smoker.  We are too.

Life for us 'Lepers' is getting more difficult everyday.

We've been kicked out of restaurants and cafes, chased out of our work places, and now we're being hounded out of our favorite drinking holes - and it seems like everywhere else as well.  It's gotten so ridiculous that most new cars and vehicles don't even come with an ashtray anymore - unless you order it as an optional and chargeable extra.

Us smokers have literally been turned into outcasts. Many locations won't even allow you to smoke out the front anymore.

The fact is that it's your right to smoke, but it's not your right to f--- up the environment by littering your butts.  Deep down, every smoker knows this.

...and Big Brother is watching!

Who's watching when smokers litter their butts?  Everyone's watching.
By the way, so is everyone else.

No BuTTs 'Dob in a Tosser' section that links to State Govt & Environmental Agencies Report Litterers websites receives over 200 hits a day. And more than 60% of people that utilise our service to make a Citizens Littering Report on those they see littering their butts (out of car windows, etc) are actually smokers themselves.

Littering cigarette butts is nothing less than Environmental Vandalism.  No butts about it.

Littered butts not only hurt the environment and degrade the appearance of every location, they also cause fires.  Every year property is damaged, wildlife and stock are decimated, and people are injured and even killed by fires started by discarded cigarette butts.

So don't be an 'Ash-Hole'.  It's time for all smokers to display high personal standards and show a little respect to Planet Earth - and to those who choose not to smoke.

Hard Question:  So what to do?

Simple Answer:  Always carry a Mini-Butt Personal Ashtray  with you.

Personal Ashtrays from No BuTTs help get the message out - especially with our new QR Codes.If you can carry a pack of smokes and a lighter with you it's just as easy to also carry a Mini-Butt Personal Ashtray with you wherever you go.  Like we said, we smoke, so we know.

Invented by smokers for smokers, Mini-Butts provide a way to safely, easily and responsibly dispose of your cigarette butts, no matter where you smoke.  Everyone knows it’s illegal to litter cigarette butts, and litterers can be fined if someone reports their car’s rego etc, or if the cops see you flick your butt.

We're proud that our Dob in a Tosser section receives over 200 hits a day - and we have absolutely no sympathy whatsoever for those smokers that think it's ok to ever litter their butts - and then get caught and fined for doing it.  There's simply no excuse for littering your butts.  None.

And if you do get fined for being so stupid, reckless and irresponsible, you deserve it.  And you know that too.

How many cigarette butts have you littered today?

A disgusting - and unecessary sight...
Every cigarette butt you litter is toxic to the environment and  takes around 20 years to break down.  And it's bad karma.  (...well it can't be good, can it?)  And who needs that?!

Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays help smokers to "kick their own butts" - and always “do the right thing” for the environment. Always.  With no excuses.

Mini-Butts costs around $3 - $5 each - around the same price as a can of Coke. Compared to the price of a single packet of cigarettes, that's nothing for a product that will assist you to protect the environment, and your image - and your bank balance - and avoid the dirty looks of those that see you litter your butts.  And Mini-Butts last for months.

$15.00 or more for a pack of smokes that might last you a couple of days...  And around $4 for a Mini-Butt Personal Ashtray that will help you do the right thing for months.

The maths is simple.  Just cause you're a smoker doesn't mean you're an idiot, or an 'Ash-hole'.

Like we said, we're smokers too.

Order your Mini-Butts Personal / Portable / Pocket Ashtrays today.

Do it now. 

Just click here to see the various pack sizes available.

You can then relax.  Err... Isn't that why you smoke?!?!

Eventually it may all get too hard and you might decide to QUIT.  That's another story.


No BuTTs.  ...Because the world is not an Ashtray.



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