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Want to quit smoking?

You can get out of the ashtray and quit smoking. It's not as hard as you think.
No BuTTs is a not a health site so we're not directly involved with the issue of quitting smoking.

Though we don't provide specific services or products to assist people to quit smoking, we do of course encourage all attempts to quit this insidious habit.  There are literally 1,000s of organisations across the planet and in almost every town and city - ready, willing and able to help you to quit smoking.  Most offer free information and support, and some you're going to have to pay for.

Look, no offence intended but you're a dickhead if you smoke... You know it, and we're smokers as well so we know it too. There's absolutely no redeeming features whatsoever with regard to smoking except that fantastic torrent of endorphins that floods into your brain everytime you light up.

But that's the addiction. Quit Smoking. Do it now.

And that's what the cigarette companies - and governments are counting on.  The Australian Government took in over $6,000,000,000 (that's Billion) in cigarette taxes last year.  And they spent about 1% of that trying to get you to quit. 

The truth is that they'd go broke if all us smokers decided to quit tomorrow - or they bit the bullet and banned it. They're just as addicted as we are.

Let's put it like this...  What do you think would happen if you tried to launch a new product into the market today that:

  • Damages people's health to the point where it will probably eventually kill them...
  • Will cost society billions to treat them for those health issues before they die...
  • Smells, stinks and burns clothes...
  • Causes untold millions of cases of asthma and respiratory problems for children...
  • Creates inumerable health problems for other adults that don't even use the product...
  • Causes fires every year that kill people and damage property the world over...
  • Costs a fortune...

You'd be shut down in a second.

The sooner you quit smoking the better
Smoking is dying habit - in more ways than one - and there's no reason to help the bastards by continuing to smoke.  The fact is you're probably going to need help to kick the habit.  The good news is that there's plenty of help out there, if you really (we said REALLY) want it.

Maybe it's really, finally, inevitably, socially, financially, environmentally, logically, and for the best reason of all - your health - time for you to quit smoking. 

We hope for your sake it is - and we wish you all the best of luck and success in quitting.

Flick the switch today.

For free assistance try:

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It's time to quit smoking.The fact is smoking is a form of substance addiction.  Some of us here at No BuTTs are smokers and we know it's bloody hard to quit - though we're happy to report that more members of our team are quitting all the time.  But if you really want to quit (and we mean REALLY) you're probably going to want or need to bring in the experts.  Studies increasingly show that the possibility of successfully quitting is enhanced by using nicotine replacement products such as gum, candy and skin patches.

You may wish to consider:


By far the easiest way to locate whatever type of local assistance you want is to use your search engine.  We recommend Google.

Simply type the words quit smoking and your town and state or country (eg melbourne australia or topeka kansas) into the search line - and go for your life...  See the Google screen dump below as an example.  (Please note, this is NOT an active Google search window)

Google search sample

Point made - Brilliantly...We have yet to hear from anyone who has been unable to find the assistance they need by using this method, however if you continue to experience difficulties in locating help close by please don't hesitate to contact us again, and we'll try to point you in the right direction.

The good news is that if you actually are serious (and we mean SERIOUS) about quitting smoking, then you're already half way there. Finding the appropriate help you need is not that difficult and there's plenty of great assistance available out there. We wish you success in quitting smoking.

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