Culligan Water Filters goes Smoke-Free the right way

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Culligan Water goes Smoke-Free the right way
Culligan Water, Australia's leading water filtration experts have installed No BuTTs Eco-Pole Stainless Steel & Aluminium Wall & Post Ashtrays at their national head quarters as part of their Smoke-Free Workplace policy.

Gaynor Johnson of Culligan Water confirmed their order for two Eco-Pole Wall / Post-mounted Ashtrays saying that Culligan Water was adamant that implementing a Smoke-Free Workplace policy shouldn't and wouldn't have an adverse effect on the environment, their local community or their corporate neighbours.

"Culligan Water are industry leaders in the field of providing clean, pure and unadulterated drinking water so it's really no surprise that they would adopt the same high standards across the board with all their endeavours." said Jack Jacobson, Managing Director of No BuTTs Australia, "and it's great to see another environmentally responsible company go Smoke-Free the right way - and that means providing somewhere and some how for their smokers to properly dispose of their butts."

Eco-Pole Wall & Post Ashtray - Liquid Charged Wet System for instant extinguishing of butts
"Just because an organisation goes Smoke-Free doesn't mean that their smokers stop smoking, and Culligan Water should be commended for dealing with this reality, and not simply ignoring the issue and making their smoking policy everyone elses problem."

"No BuTTs receives over 100 calls and emails a day from companies and organisations across Australia and around the world wanting to implement Smoke Free Workplaces responsibly and without simply shifting the problem somewhere else."

"I don't think there are many, if any, companies and organisations out there who would ever consider just dumping their rubbish and litter into the gutter outside their premises or on to their neighbours properties or surrounding areas," said Jack.

"But that's exactly what organisations that go Smoke-Free without providing adequate ashtray infrastructure are doing - and they ignore this very important issue at their peril."

"It's not only bad for the environment, it's also extremely damaging to the public image and corporate profile of those organisations, because people do notice."

No BuTTs Eco-Pole Wall, Post and Bollard Ashtrays have already assisted over 3,000 locations in Australia to go Smoke-Free the right way with Designated Smoke Zones or Butt Out Zones that allow their smokers to do the right thing with their butts.

Clean water and a responsible butt litter free workplace"That not only includes staff and contractors, but also visitors, customers and patrons." said Jack. " After all, what does Management actually expect their smokers to do if they don't provide ashtrays? They know what's going on."

"Culligan Water should be applauded for going Smoke-Free the right way." said Tony Capoletti from Planet Green. "It's appalling that there are actually quite a lot of companies and organisations still out there that choose to stick their heads in the sand, and ignore the reality that their smokers are going to smoke, regardless of any Smoke-Free policies."

For assistance with implementing a Smoke-Free Workplace the right way, call No BuTTs now on 1300-NOBUTTS (1300-662-8887) or email



  By No BuTTs & Culligan Water [23rd July 2010]


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