BC Iron Nullagine eliminates contractor & staff butt litter with No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays

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 BC Iron goes Butt Litter Free with No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays
BC Iron is eliminating staff and contractor cigarette butt litter by distributing No BuTTS award winning Personal Ashtrays at their Nullagine Iron Ore mine site in the Pilbara in north west Western Australia.

"We are very confident that No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays will be as effective for BC Iron as we know they are for many other mining and construction companies already using them." said BC Iron Environmental Coordinator, 
Ian Gale.

"If only all our other environmental challenges could be as easily and cheaply resolved."

No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays give smokers the ability to safely and easily dispose of their cigarette butts where ever they smoke.

As BC Iron's website states: "BC Iron firmly believes that it is everyone’s responsibility to act as custodians of the environment that we work in and this is reinforced through site-specific inductions and training programs.

It is also our assertion that encouraging innovative solutions to environmental challenges will support the sustainable development of our business."

Personal Ashtrays are assisting BC IRON Nullagine to eliminate cigarette butt litter
"Smoking is a contentious issue these days and unfortunately because of this there are still many companies and organisations that are dragging their feet when it comes to dealing with the fact that smoking rates in the mining, energy and construction industries are higher than average." said No BuTTs Managing Director, Jack Jacobson.

"BC Iron, like a growing number of environmentally responsible mining operators understands that their smokers butt littering is not only very harmful to the environment, but just as damaging to their public profile and image because when smokers on site, or in transit, or in work gear or company vehicle litter their butts it's the public reputation of the company that suffers."

"The actual smoker is essentially anonymous, but the company isn't."

"We spend a fortune every year doing the right thing for the environment at Nullagine and we take the issue of sustainability very seriously", said Ian, "so it was a no-brainer to provide Personal Ashtrays to our smokers."

"In fact our Personal Ashtrays have turned the problem of our smokers cigarette butt littering into a highly visible eco-friendly benefit for BC Iron."

"There was some minor discussion at our end about any possible negative connotations from providing Personal Ashtrays to our smokers but with the addition of the slogan "Protect our environment - Better still quit smoking" those concerns were instantly eliminated."

BC Iron Nullagine has gone Butt litter free
"We're not encouraging our smokers to smoke by providing Personal Ashtrays. In fact we're encouraging them to quit the habit every time
they use their Personal Ashtrays."

"Ian is absolutely spot on." said Jack. 

"Everyone knows that smokers are going to smoke with or without a Personal Ashtray. For a whole lot of reasons more organisations every 
day are realising that it's much
better 'with'."

"We call the problem of those who choose to stick their heads in the sand on this issue an Ostrich Alert and ignoring reality never works out good for the Ostrich."

"It actually makes a complete mockery of any orgnaisation's publically stated environmental credentials to ignore the issue of their smoker's butt littering when the simple solution is so easily available for a few dollars per contractor."

  By No BuTTs & BC Iron [13th November 2012]


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