Alternate Railway Safeworking goes butt litter free with No BuTTs Branded Personal Ashtrays.

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Alternate Railway Safeworking eliminates staff & contractor butt litter
with No BuTTs Branded Personal Ashtrays
Alternate Railway Safeworking is eliminating cigarette butt litter by distributing No BuTTs Branded Personal Ashtrays to staff and contractors.

Alternate Railway Safeworking provides a safe, controlled work environment for people and machinery engaged in carrying out works on, near or adjacent to Railway lines.

"Staff and contractor cigarette butt littering is a serious problem, not only for our environment, but also for the public image of every organisation with smokers - and that's basically every organisation." said Jack Jacobson, No BuTTs Managing Director.

When it comes to corporate cigarette butt littering, organisations and businesses generally fall into one of three separate catagories.

What are your smokers doing with their butts?

  • Those where Management genuinely hasn't realised that the problem of their staff and contractors littering their butts -especially in public - exists.
  • Those where Management knows their staff and contractors are ("probably?") littering their butts but choose to ignore the problem. No Butts refers to these Managers as Ostriches.
  • Those where Management understands that their staff and contractor cigarette butt littering is not only bad for our environment but extremely damaging to their corporate image and public profile - and who want to solve the problem.

"It's quite common, especially when an organisation's Management are non-smokers, that they had never even considered the problem and consequences of their staff and contractors butt littering - and this is exactly what happened with Alternate Railway Safeworking."

Branded Personal Ashtrays with QR Code - Alternate Railway Safeworking
"Alternate Railway Safeworking exemplifies the high standards of environmental and social responsibility that we experience from most organisations when the problem of their staff and contractors cigarette butt littering is brought to their attention, and that is that they are eager to solve the problem."

"You could say that Alternate Railway Safeworking went from the first catagory to the third catagory in an instant as soon as we realised the problem exists, and discovered No BuTTs and their brilliant Personal Ashtrays." said Ian Bethune, Managing Director of Alternate Railway Safeworking.

"No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays completely eliminate our staff and contractors littering their butts wherever they are - and for around $3 each they're a cheap, simple, sustainable and effective solution to cigarette butt littering."

"If only all other challenges that companies have to deal with could also be solved so easily, effectively and cheaply."

It's even easier to carry our Personal Ashtrays than a packet of cigarettes!
"In fact as soon as we discovered that we could have our Personal Butt Bins branded with our logo and and an environmental message, and even a QR Code that points to our website we jumped at the opportunity."

"That's because even better than just protecting our environment and public profile, No BuTTs Branded Personal Ashtrays actually enhance our corporate image and visibly display our high standards of environmental care and responsibility everytime they are used and seen." said Ian.

"And the fact that they also come with a belt clip makes them even easier to use and even more visible."

"We want our staff and contractors to do the right thing with their butts - and we want to be seen to be doing the right thing, because people do notice."

Over 50 organisations every week are adopting No BuTTs award winning Branded Personal Ashtrays to protect our environment - and protect and enhance their corporate image by eliminating their staff and contractors' cigarette butt littering.

For a free information & sample pack call (+61) 1300-662-888 or simply use our Contact Form.

To discuss any specific artwork ideas you may have for your Branded Personal Ashtrays call us now on 1300-662-888.


  By No BuTTs & Alternate Railway Safeworking [18th August 2013]


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