SlotMate Ashtray for Gaming Machines | Blue Mist liquid & spray for SlotMate Ashtrays

SlotMate Ashtrays for Gaming Machines

SlotMate Ashtray for Gaming Machines - New & Improved
The NEW & Improved SlotMate Ashtray is a breakthrough in design for Gaming Venues, Casinos, Licensed Clubs and any location that has designated smoking area gaming machines.

SlotMate Ashtrays safely and easily store 6-8 times the amount of butts conventional 'open' ashtrays can handle - without the mess, ash, smouldering and cigarette roll-offs that result in burned carpets, counters and furniture at gaming locations.

SlotMate Ashtrays instantly extinguish cigarette butts and eliminate smouldering - the #1 cause of smoke in gaming venues.

SlotMate Ashtrays eliminate ash, embers and butts ending up on your gaming venue's floor.
No mess, no ash, no smouldering, no burned carpets.  No BuTTs about it!
SlotMate Ashtrays eliminate the unpleasantness and unsightliness of open and often overflowing ashtrays that allow butts, ash and embers to end up on the floor of gaming venues and casinos.

SlotMate Ashtrays generally only need to be emptied/serviced once or twice a day - with a simple process that only takes gaming & casino staff a few seconds.

SlotMate Ashtrays free up staff labour time spent on emptying and maintaining ashtrays and allows staff to focus their energies on other areas - like delivering excellent customer service to your guests and patrons.

SlotMate Ashtrays dramatically reduce the amount of VOCs degrading the air in smoking allowed gaming machine areas in gaming venues because cigarette butts are instantly extinguished as soon as they are dropped in the SlotMate Ashtray.

Blue Mist - Liquid & Spray

Blue Mist Liquid and Spray for SlotMate Ashtrays
Blue Mist liquid and spray for SlotMate Ashtrays has been reformulated to provide even better tobacco odor neutralizing and air freshening performance.

Blue Mist is used in conjunction with No BuTTs International's award winning SlotMate Ashtrays for gaming machines and has been enhanced to provide 25% more effectiveness.

Over 500 casinos, gaming venues and clubs around the world are now using Blue Mist liquid & spray in conjunction with SlotMate Ashtrays to reduce the problems associated with smoking allowed gaming machine areas.

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