SlotMate Ashtray for Gaming Machines, Poker Machines, Slot Machines, Gaming Venues, Licensed Clubs & Casinos

$ 120.00

SlotMate Ashtray for Gaming Machines - New & Improved
SlotMate Ashtray - Top View
SlotMate Ashtray for Gaming Machines - Side View


SlotMate Ashtray for Gaming Machines & Poker Machines, Casinos, Gaming Venues & Licensed Clubs

Update July 2017

New and improved design!

  • Cigarette slots now on both sides.  Can now be mounted to left or right side of gaming machine
  • New simplified and streamlined mounting bracket with two supplied mounting options. No internal access required for mounting
        - Double sided 3M vinyl tape permanent adhesive
        - 4 small self-tapping screws.
  • Bases now nest into each other for space saving and ease of staff servicing
  • Separate internal holding points for the inner funnel lock it in place until easy removal for cleaning is required

 Introductory Offer!

  • A FREE extra base with every Slot-Mate Ashtray.  Service and empty Slot-Mate Ashtray in around 3-5 seconds with no down-time or distraction to patrons.
    Just swap a used base for a fresh base!  Emptying and servicing can be done away from patrons.

Quantity Discounts available.  Save up to 30%

  • USA customers please note that the current exchange rate (US$-AU$) offers an immediate additional discount of approx 25%

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements or for a quote.


Item Code: Slotmate


SlotMate Ashtray:

SlotMate Ashtrays eliminate ash, embers and butts ending up on your gaming venue's floor.
No mess, no ash, no smouldering, no burned carpets.  No BuTTs about it!

  • Designed for casino & gambling venue gaming and poker machines
  • Attaches securely to gaming machines & poker machines
  • Safely stores cigarette butts, ash and embers
  • Eliminates smouldering butts
  • Eliminates cigarette roll-offs and burned carpets
  • Eliminates odours
  • Reduces staff time requirements to empty or service ashtrays
  • Easy 3 second click off and swap base container
  • Enhances guest & patron experience
  • #1 in gaming floor cleanliness
  • Specifications: Diameter = 9cm (3.6 inches) , Height = 11.5 cm (4.7 inches) , Unit width including mount = 11cm (4.5 inches)
  • Patents Pending USA/Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France & EU


SlotMate Ashtray allows staff to get on with more important things - like providing excellent customer service
The NEW & Improved SlotMate Ashtray is a breakthrough in design for Gaming Venues, Casinos, Licensed Clubs and any location that has designated smoking area gaming machines.

SlotMate Ashtrays safely and easily store 6-8 times the amount of butts conventional 'open' ashtrays can handle - without the mess, ash, smouldering and cigarette roll-offs that result in burned carpets at gaming locations.

SlotMate Ashtrays eliminate the unpleasantness and unsightliness of open and often overflowing ashtrays that allow butts, ash and embers to end up on the floor of gaming venues and casinos.

SlotMate Ashtrays generally only need to be emptied/serviced once or twice a day - with a simple process that only takes gaming & casino staff a few seconds.

SlotMate Ashtrays free up staff labour time spent on emptying and maintaining ashtrays and allows staff to focus their energies on other areas - like delivering excellent customer service to your guests and patrons.


To order SlotMate Ashtrays for your casino or gaming venue or for additional information or assistance please call:

  • Australia:  1300 662 888 (1300 NOBUTTS)


Info PDF download for Slot-Mate Ashtrays for Gaming Machines, Slot-Machines & Poker Machines.  Specs & Diagrams

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