DescaradA Charters goes butt litter free with No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays

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Descarada Charters is eliminating their guests butt litter with logo printed Personal Ashtrays from No BuTTsDescaradA Charters is eliminating their guests butt litter by providing complimentary logo printed Personal Ashtrays from No BuTTs.

"As soon as we first saw No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays at Hamilton Island we thought the concept was a brilliant environmental initiative
that provides a very simple solution to the
problem of cigarette butt litter wherever someone smokes." said Jaana Kirvanen of DescaradA Charters.

"DescaradA Charters is dedicated to helping keep the Whitsunday Islands beautiful so No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays are a perfect fit for our commitment to environmental responsibility. It's great knowing that wherever our guests are, they can always do the right thing with their cigarette butts and even better, they can take them away when they leave our cruises and continue to protect the planet from butt litter from that point on."

The beautiful motor yacht Descarada
Based out of Airlie Beach, DescaradA Charters have set new standards in luxury cruising and provide their clientele with the ultimate cruising experience throughout the magnificent Whitsunday Islands. DescaradA is available for both prescheduled tours and private charters, accommodating a maximum of eight guests in four private cabins.

"Providing Personal Ashtrays to our guests is not only the right thing to do - it's also the smart thing to do because having them logo printed with DescaradA's logo, website and slogan also makes our Personal Ashtrays a great little eco-friendly souvenir for our guests to take home with them - and every time they use them they'll be reminded of the wonderful time they had on their DescaradA cruise."

DescaradA's logo printed Personal Asahtrays from No BuTTs
"Jaana is absolutely spot on." said No BuTTs Managing Director, Jack Jacobson. "Logo printed personal ashtrays are the most exciting eco-friendly promotional product available because not only do they actually help the planet every time they're used, they're also seen and appreciated many times a day by the user - and a constant positive reminder of the organisation that gave it to them in the first place - and that is unbeatable brand reinforcement."

The beautifully appointed 70ft motor yacht DescaradA is spread across three levels of spacious living, offering the perfect facilities for leisurely holiday making. DescaradA comes fully equipped with jet skis, kayaks, nine-seater rigid inflatable tender and a minimum crew of three to see to their guests every need. For private charters, scuba diving can be arranged on request with tank fill station and scuba gear ready onboard.

"DescaradA Charters are committed to delivering exclusive cruising experiences in one of the must-do boating destinations of the world and their commitment to excellence extends all the way to the issue of taking responsibility for their own guests cigarette butt litter reduction - as it should." said Jack Jacobson, No BuTTs Managing Director.

Too beautiful to be spoilt by cigarette butt litter...
"DescaradA Charters exemplify the highest standards of environmental responsibility and they should be commended for their efforts to eliminate their guests butt litter. It's almost inconceivable that there are still businesses out there that rely on the natural beauty of their own location for the survival of their business, yet they allow that environment to be degraded by their own customers, butt by butt, every time they take out another charter or tour."

"DescaradA Management are setting a great example for the charter cruise industry and when you think about it, for the entire tourism industry in general."

Over 2,000 tourism based businesses and organisations around the world are now using logo printed Personal Ashtrays from No BuTTs to simultaneously protect the environment, enhance their corporate image and promote their business.

  By No BuTTs & DescaradA Charters [16th November 2015]


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