Glenorchy City Council reorders more Eco-Pole Wall & Post Mounted Ashtrays

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Glenorchy City Council reorders more No BuTTs Eco-Pole Wall/Post AshtraysGlenorchy City Council is the first City Council to take advantage of No BuTTs EOFY Sale & Special Offers and has reordered another batch of Eco-Pole WET System Wall/Post Ashtrays.

Waste Management Coordinator for Glenorchy C.C. Joe Duncan confirmed their order for another 8 Eco-Pole Ashtrays with GCC receiving and additional 2 Eco-Poles at no charge as part of No BuTTs End Of Financial Year Sale & Special Offers.

"We initially ordered our first batch of No BuTTs Eco-Pole Wall & Post Ashtrays last year and we've been very pleased with their performance and simple emptying process which has considerably cut the time it takes for our maintenance staff to service our Council installed ashtrays."

Eco-Pole WET System Wall & Post Ashtray - optional Liquid Charged for instant butt extinguishing!
"Eco-Pole Ashtrays are the best wall and post ashtrays we've ever installed so when I received No BuTTs EOFY email where we can order 8 Eco-Pole Ashtrays - and get 2 more for free and save an additional 10% off the normal price, it took around 5 seconds to make the decision."

"We're delighted to be able to continue assisting Glenorchy City Council with their butt litter reduction program." said No BuTTs Managing Director Jack Jacobson.

"Glenorchy City Council were one of our first Local Government clients when we released No BuTTs range of Eco-Pole Wall/Post and Freestanding/Bollard Ashtrays in early 2009 - and we're very pleased that after using Eco-Poles for around 18 months, GCC now want to order more of them. It's a ringing endorsement of the design, quality and performance of Eco-Pole Ashtrays."

No BuTTs are currently offering excellent EOFY Special Offers in conjunction with the upcoming ALGA (Australian Local Government Association) Conference in Canberra.

The City of Glenorchy covers several northern suburbs of Hobart including the suburb of Glenorchy by the same name. The approximate size of Glenorchy is 120Sq Kms. Tasmanian Aboriginals were the first inhabitants of the area where Glenorchy lies today.

Land grants in the Glenorchy area began in 1804. By the 1820s it was occupied by farms and was a place of rural retreat from Hobart. The period between 1840 and 1860 was one of steady growth in Glenorchy, culminating in the area becoming a municipality in 1864. Glenorchy is believed to have been so named by Governor Lachlan Macquarie after his wife's home in Scotland. The name means 'glen of tumbling waters'.

 Glenorchy City Council - Hobart, Tasmania
Today, the City of Glenorchy has the second largest shopping district in southern Tasmania (the largest being in Hobart). The City has three Major commercial areas including Moonah, Glenorchy CBD and Claremont.

Over 1,000 Government Departments, Councils, Shires, Counties & National Parks around the world are now using No BuTTs award winning Ashtrays to reduce cigarette butt litter.





  By No BuTTs & Glenorchy City Council [5th June 2010]


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