DTMT eliminates their employee & contractor's cigarette butt litter with Pocket Ashtrays from No BuTTs

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DTMT is one of Australia's leading Civil Construction companies committed to the philosophy of “Zero Harm” to their people, their equipment and the environment.
DTMT has adopted No BuTTs award winning Pocket Ashtrays as part of their Health, Safety and Environmental performance standards.

One of Australia's leading civil construction corporations, DTMT actively promotes HSE internally through training programs, contemporary management systems, rigorous record keeping and visible senior management support. 

"Getting the job done safely".

As their website states, DTMT firmly believes that the implementation of sound Health, Safety and Environmental management systems is non-negotiable and as such have third party accreditation to AS/NZS 4801 OHS Management Systems and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems. DTMT have been audited to the WorkSafe Plan Assessment and awarded the Platinum Award.

"DTMT exemplifies the high environmental standards of most modern Australian companies and it's great to see that their commitment to environmental excellence extends all the way to the grass roots - ie their people out in the field." said No BuTTs Managing Director Jack Jacobson.

DTMT is the latest environmentally responsible corporation to adopt No BuTTs award winning Pocket Ashtrays to eliminate their employees & contractors cigarette butt litter
"And they're not alone. No BuTTs Pocket Ashtrays are being adopted by over 100 companies and organisations every week, and that's not only good for the environment, it's also of great benefit to their corporate image because employee/contractor butt littering is extremely damaging to any organisation's public profile."

"Talk is cheap, and virtually every business these days likes to spout about their high standards of environmental responsibility, but there are still many organisations out there that at the same time, for various reasons choose to try to ignore the serious environmental problem of their own smokers cigarette butt littering. It's almost political."

"Even worse is the damage done to their public corporate profile when their smokers litter their butts.because people do notice - and cigarette butt littering is definitely not a good look, especially when staff and contractors are wearing corporate logo'd work wear ."

"For example, I had a ridiculous discussion the other day with the OHS Manager of another large client of ours who have been successfully distributing No BuTTs logo printed personal ashtrays to their people at various projects for years - but he is not a supporter of this enviromental initiative. He preferred to quote their 'Smoking Policy' whilke at the same time acknowledging that they obviously have staff and contractors who do smoke and will continue to do so - and litter their butts if they don't have personal ashtrays, and regardless of any 'policy'."

Are your smokers damaging your public image as well as the environment?
"It's interesting to note that the same organisation's Senior Environmental Specialist is another fervent supporter of Pocket Ashtrays and is committed to expanding the distribution of them to their employees and contractors in the field - but he is encountering resistance from the OHS Manager who is completely out of touch with reality."

"The OHS Manager's attitude is that "people shouldn't smoke" and we agree, but the fact is that they do." said Jack. "What's worse is that he knows his own staff are littering their butts every day but he's fixated on the health aspects of smoking at the expense of the environment and their public image. He seems to think that just because they have an official anti-smoking policy - and who doesn't? - that therefore they shouldn't address the reality that many of their people do smoke - because to provide portable/pocket ashtrays to their staff and contractors may be misconstrued as some type of endorsement of smoking."

Don't stick your head in the sand. 
Your smokers are still going to smoke regardless of any smoking policy.
"We call that an Ostrich Alert because not only does it ignore reality, it totally misses the point. It's like saying that seatbelts encourage dangerous driving, or hard hats encourage people to drop rocks on their heads." said Jack. "Ironically, most of our corporate clients also print our slogan 'Protect the environment - Better still quit smoking' as well as their logos etc, so it's simply illogical to maintain the erroneous position that personal ashtrays may encourage smoking."

"People are going to smoke with or without an ashtray. We believe, as do DTMT and over 3,500 other Aussie organisations, that it's much better with an ashtray than without, because we all know what happens when smokers don't have access to a portable ashtray."

For the sake of the environment and their corporate image more organisations every week are distributing personal ashtrays to their staff, employees and contractors.

Because the world is not an ashtray...


  By No BuTTs & DTMT [19th October 2010]


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