Mats R Us are the latest Hospitality & Commercial Supply Reseller of No BuTTs Eco-Pole Ashtrays

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Mats R Us can now also assist their customers with Eco-Pole Ashtrays.Mats R Us are the latest commercial supply company to incorporate No BuTTs range of Eco-Pole Wall/Post/Bollard Ashtrays.

Mats R Us is a fully Australian owned and operated manufacturer of branded and custom made rubber backed logo mats with their manufacturing plant located in Clayton, Victoria and with all production including graphic design done on premises.

"Thousands of Clubs, Pus, Hotels and Venues across Australia are using Mats R Us mats and runners at their locations." said Martin Stobnic, Owner of Mats R Us. "Mats R Us also specialises in 1 off custom runs & floor mats for clients which allows smaller businesses to enjoy the same image enhancement as the big guys."

Eco-Pole Ashtrays range includes Wall/Post & Freestanding/Bollard Ashtrays
"We noticed that many of our hospitality based clients were already using No BuTTs Eco-Pole Ashtrays, and we also noticed that many other clients had not yet installed effective external ashtray infrastructure and could really benefit from Eco-Pole installations."

"Almost every pub and hotel you see has customised mats at their entrances for safety reasons and to enhance their appearance so it makes perfect sense for Australia's leading manufacturer of custom mats and runners to also be able to assist their clients with No BuTTs Eco-Pole Ashtrays." said No BuTTs Managing Director, Jack Jacobson.

"Mats R Us are the industry leaders in Australia when it comes to mats and runners so we're delighted that they've incorporated our award winning Eco-Pole Ashtrays into their products and can now offer our sensational range of ashtrays to their clients at the same time they provide their mats."

"Cigarette butt litter outside venues looks disgusting.  There's no point investing in image enhancement products like mats while ignoring their patrons cigarette butt littering, and venue managers understand this. Mats R Us can now also supply No BuTTs Eco-Pole Ashtrays at the same time as they supply mats and runners - and make life easier for their clients."

More Mats R Us clients every week are also installing No BuTTs Eco-Pole AshtraysMats R Us started up as a specialist supplier to the exhibition industry with their Exhibition mats being used by Organisers and Exhibitors alike. Word quickly spread and exhibitor’s asked for Mats for their shopfronts, showrooms warehouses and offices.

Mats R Us supplies a large variety of branded and customised mats including branded entrance mats, exhibition tiles, bar runners, stubbie holders, or plain commercial mats.

  By No BuTTs & Mats R Us [3rd September 2010]


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