Amarant Retreat eliminates guest cigarette butt litter with No BUTTs Personal Ashtrays & Windproof Ashtrays

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Amarant Retreat, located in the magnificent Yarra Valley, around 50kms North East of Melbourne is eliminating their guests cigarette butt litter with No BuTTs Windproof Ashtrays and Personal Ashtrays.

Amarant Retreat is one of Victoria's leading Eco-Tourism accredited eco-retreats.




Amarant is a premier Yarra Valley accommodation eco retreat, totally secluded on 25 acres and set in lush semi-rainforest approximately 400 metres above sea level on Mt. Ben Cairn - with magnificent views of the Yarra Valley and with the Yarra Ranges National Park at its backdoor.

Amarant Yarra Valley is centrally located within the Yarra Valley region - close to Healesville Sanctuary, wineries, townships of Warburton & Healesville, Warburton Trail, O'Shannassy's Aqueduct Trail, Yarra Ranges National Park and many more Yarra Valley tourist gems. 

Amarant Personal AshtrayAmarant's owners have addressed the problem of cigarette butt litter by providing Windproof Ashtrays on viewing decks and outdoor tables.  Additionally, complimentary Personal Ashtrays from No BuTTs are provided to guests so that they can help protect the environment from their cigarette butt litter whilst at Amarant - and from that point on, anywhere else their travels may take them.

"No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays give our guests the ability to properly dispose of their cigarette butts wherever they are on our property, and long after they've left Amarant." said Rhonda Steller, Owner of Amarant Retreat.

Amarant - In room sign
Amarant Yarra Valley is an eco-retreat certified by EcoTourism Australia as 'Advanced' which means guests enjoy a nature experience with a qualified Yarra Valley accommodation provider.

Amarant Yarra Valley provides guests and visitors with the opportunity to learn about their environment in an unspoilt setting observing prolific birdlife & wildlife.

"Amarant Retreat is an absolutely beautiful and pristine location operated by people truly committed to protecting the environment and their property in every way," said Jack Jacobson, No BuTTs Managing Director.

"It makes perfect sense that the operators exhibit such high standards, all the way from the lighting systems employed and their water supply - which is derived from rain water - right down to the issue of their guests potential cigarette butt litter.  We're delighted to be able to assist such a well reputed location to address the issue of cigarette butt litter reduction with our logo printed Personalised Ashtrays."

Hosts, Rhonda & Mark Steller, are committed to achieving best practice whilst using resources wisely and contributing to the conservation of the environment and helping their local community.

Update - 13-9-2012
Please note that due to recent change of ownership Amarant Retreat no longer offers Bed & Breakfast accommodation.

Amarant Retreat - Visit their site
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Windproof Ashtrays

  By No BuTTs [12th February 2010]


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