Fad Bar & Gallery goes butt litter free with No BuTTs range of Outdoor Ashtrays

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FAD Gallery & Bar's Eco-Pole Outdoor Wall-mounted AshtraysFad Bar & Gallery, located on Corrs Lane in Melbourne's Chinatown has eliminated cigarette butt litter in and around their award winning location with a range of No BuTTs Outdoor Ashtrays.

No BuTTs Eco-Pole Wall-mounted Ashtrays greet patrons at the entrance and allow them to properly dispose of their butts as they enter. Windproof Tabletop Ashtrays are provided to patrons in Fad's outdoor smoking area at the rear of the ground floor. Fad also distributes complimentary Personal Ashtrays to patrons for them to take away with them to eliminate butt litter wherever they go from that point on. 

FAD Bar & Gallery's Windproof Ashtrays from No BuTTs.
"We've been using No BuTTs Windproof Ashtrays for years out the back and they're a great product but we were also very concerned about the butt litter at our entrance that was happening as patrons walked into Fad. We spoke to No BuTTs and they came and installed two Eco-Pole Wall-mounted Ashtrays at the entrance, which has basically eliminated the problem." said Fad Bar & Gallery owner Jonathon Halleday, known to all as Jonny.

"It's critical for venue owners to assist their patrons to do the right thing with their butts - afterall, it's their patrons butt litter so they have to accept responsibility for the problem." said Jonny. "Obviously the best thing to do is to prevent the problem in the first place. That's not only good for the appearance of our property, and our neighbours and the environment, the fact is that my staff have much better things to do than to have to pick up or sweep up all those littered butts one by one. No BuTTs ashtrays have completely solved the problem." 

Fad Gallery & Bar's Personal Ashtray from No BuTTs"All of us here at Fad care about the environment and cigarette butt litter is not only a serious problem, it also looks disgusting and is very bad for any business's public image. Distributing No BuTTs personal ashtrays turns that problem into a fantastic eco-friendly promotional opportunity because people can take them away for use wherever they go from that point on - and they always remember where they first got them too." said Jonny.

"We started handing out No BuTTs generic personal ashtrays to our patrons as a little complimentary eco-friendly gift and the response was so amazing that we've now ordered 2,000 of them logo printed with Fad's info, website and anti-littering slogan, and we can't wait to get them!" said Jonny. "For two bucks each including printing it's a great way to help our patrons do the right thing with their butts wherever they go - and everytime they use them, they see our info and are reminded of our venue. It's fantastic eco-friendly marketing."

"We've also just taken delivery of our No BuTTs Freestanding/Bollard Outdoor Ashtray which is portable and combines an ashtray with a crowd flow control rope barrier - and it's an absolute breakthrough." said Jonny. "There are many occasions where we have patrons lined up outside waiting to get in to Fad and the brilliant thing about our Freestanding Eco-Pole is that it gives our patrons the ability to butt out their butts properly as they line up outside." 

Crowd Control Rope Barrier Bollards with built in ashtrays!
...because the world is not an ashtray.
"Every venue needs at least one Eco-Pole Freestanding Portable Ashtray with Crowd Control Rope Barrier Points if they have patrons waiting out the front to enter their premises. I mean, why would you settle for a rope barrier bollard that just holds up the ropes, when you can combine it with an ashtray, and use it when and where you need it, and then put it away for future use."

"The response from the hospitality and venue industry to the recent release of our Eco-Pole Portable Freestanding/Bollard Ashtrays with Crowd Control Rope Barrier Points has been amazing and in fact we've sold out of our first production run and are scrambling to manufacture additional Eco-Poles, which we'll have back in stock within two weeks." said No BuTTs Mananging Director, Jack Jacobson.

Combine your Crowd Control Rope Barrier Bollards with Ashtrays for your patrons!
...all other Rope (only) Barrier Bollards are now obselete."Another great feature of our Eco-Pole Outdoor Ashtrays is that the Crowd Control Rope Barrier Rings also fit our Eco-Pole Wall and Post-mounted Ashtrays which makes them perfect not only to control crowd and patrons flow but to also provide ashtrays all the way along the line up to the entrance."

"Fad Bar and Gallery exemplifies the right approach to addressing the problem of cigarette butt litter created in and around venues, and using No BuTTs products, they have essentially eliminated the problem - and they should be commended for their high environmental standards, let alone the fact that it makes life a lot easier for their patrons and their staff." said Jack. 

Butt Litter is a common and disgusting sight outside Bars, Pubs, Nightclubs & Venues when no ashtrays are provided by Management.
Why settle for rope barrier bollards that DON'T also include an ashtray?!?!

"Distributing No BuTTs logo printed Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays to patrons just takes that attitude to the next level by providing a handy little eco-friendly promotional product to their patrons, which will be taken away and used - and seen many time a day, wherever their patrons go and for long after they've received their Personal Ashtray, and that's why over 1,000 hospitality and venue based locations are now providing them as complimentary items to their patrons." 

Fad Bar & Gallery opened in 2005 and has become one of Melbourne's leading boutique nightspots. Fad combines a bar on the ground with a gallery and outdoor terrace area on the second floor. The decor at Fad is constantly changing as various artists works from exhibitions in the gallery are also displayed on the walls of the bar, making it new and continually interesting for patrons everytime they visit.

Fad Bar & Gallery is also one of Melbourne's favourite live music venues and regularly plays host to many of Melbourne's leading musicians and DJs.

  By No BuTTs & Fad Bar & Gallery [13th July 2010]


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