It's no accident that Eco-Pole Wall, Post & Bollard Ashtrays are now the best selling Cigarette Butt Receptacles in Australia - by far.

Don't buy any other product until you've considered the information below.

Why choose No BuTTs Eco-Pole Ashtrays:


We guarantee that you will not find any comparable quality cigarette butt receptacles at a better price.  In fact No BuTTs ashtrays are usually cheaper than other alternative products that offer an inferior standard of materials, design or manufacture.

Service & Support:

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Let us assist you with your cigarette butt litter reduction requirements.
All of us here at No BuTTs take great pride in the quality, innovation and unbeatable value of our products, and our industry famous enthusiasm in assisting our customers with their butt litter reduction goals, programs and campaigns. 

No BuTTs are Australia's foremost commercial ashtray supplier to Corporations, Government Departments and NGOs.

But maybe more than anything else we value our reputation for the outstanding service that we provide to all we deal with - from an individual smoker wishing to purchase a pack of 10 Mini-Butts, to some of our largest corporate giants and Councils seeking assistance to reduce their cigarette butt litter.  We value every opportunity to reduce and often eliminate our customers cigarette butt litter.

Our customers satisfaction is everything to us and that's because we couldn't exist without them. 

In fact over 30% of our new business is referred to us by existing customers - and that's probably the best accolade of all.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Product Quality & Design:It's not hard to see why Eco-Pole Ashtrays are now the world's best selling Wall & Post-mounted Ashtrays.

Eco-Pole Outdoor Ashtrays are not only the most attractive and stylish outdoor cigarette butt receptacles available anywhere, they're also designed to be the easiest to install and maintain, bar none.

  • 100% marine grade 316 stainless steel 
  • 100% rust & corrosion proof
  • subtle, stylish & attractive design
  • wall or post mountable
  • robust one-piece construction with no fiddly separate backing plates
  • tamper proof and vandal resistant
  • 5-second / 1 step emptying with no disassembly required
  • butts only entry holes means no trash and no risk of sharps
  • angled fascia prevents ashtray being used as a waste bin
  • all Eco-Pole Ashtrays are keyed the same - ie, no more 'key confusion'
  • #1 selling ashtrays / cigarette butt receptacles in Australia

Eco-Pole Ashtrays have 'butts only' entry points that prevents litter insertion

















Form:  Eco-Pole Ashtrays are designed with flat or rounded surfaces that look great and wipe clean in seconds and with no external recessed or indented sections to accumulate dirt and debris or attract trash. 

Unlike other cigarette butt receptacles, you won't need to get in there with cotton buds, or resort to a rag around your finger or a stick to clean your Eco-Poles and get the gunk out of the corners.  There are no corners on Eco-Pole Ashtrays.

Eco-Pole Ashtrays 'butts-only'entry points eliminate trash & litter problems. ButtOut Ashtray - clogged with trash and papers... Inferior Wall/post ashtray in Brisbane
Eco-Poles have an easy-to-clean
design and are trash/litter proof.
Other units are hard to clean
and attract litter...
...and can be turned into rubbish

Function:  Eco-Pole Outdoor Ashtrays are the easiest wall or post mounted ashtrays to install and maintain - by far.  All our units are one-piece construction with no fiddly separate mounting plates to make installing them, emptying them - and reassembling them a hassle.  Why waste time and effort with cigarette butt receptacles that require disassembly to install, clean or even empty?  All Eco-Pole Outdoor Ashtrays feature a one-step emptying process that takes around five seconds - with no disassembly whatsoever required.

Theft, Vandal & Tamper Proof:   Our one-piece design also makes Eco-Pole Wall / Post Outdoor Ashtrays vandal and tamper proof.  Eco-Pole Ashtrays are made from high strength marine grade stainless steel.  Other inferior designed and manufactured 2 piece units (ie, mounting plate + ashtray) are very vulnerable to vandalism and tampering.  That won't happen with Eco-Pole Outdoor Ashtrays - we guarantee it. 

Eco-Pole Mounting Kits v3
Other products are easily vandalised... Eco-Pole Ashtrays security mounting kits prevent tampering, vandalism and theft.

ButtBin Powder Coated - Corroded

Why you should never buy Powder-Coated ashtrays...
Additionally, every Eco-Pole Outdoor Ashtray is supplied with a mounting kit that includes 2 x security dynabolts and the security tool needed to install (and if required) move or remove your Eco-Pole Ashtrays.  There's simply no way of removing an Eco-Pole cigarette butt receptacle without the necessary security tool. 

We guarantee that too. 

Trash-proof Design:  Eco-Pole Ashtrays can NOT be turned into rubbish bins.  It's as simple as that.

Genuine Eco-Pole Ashtray vs. inferior copy. It's not hard to spot the difference... This can't happen with an Eco-Pole Ashtray
Eco-Pole Ashtray vs. inferior copy.  It's not hard to spot the difference. Warning: Beware of ashtrays with large openings.










Litter Blockage - This ashtray is now rendered unusable.
Non litter proof bollard ashtray.

Safety - Smouldering & Fires:   Eco-Poles have been designed with cigarette butt only entry points.  This eliminates the possibility of trash or papers being placed into units - which is the number one cause of ashtray smouldering and ignition.  It happens frequently with other products, but we've never received a single report of it ever happening with Eco-Poles.  

Unlike other ashtrays and cigarette butt receptacles, Eco-Pole Ashtrays have no ledge or recessed area that can be crammed with papers or trash - which has the effect of turning ashtrays into a waste bin, blocking the cigarette butt entry points - and rendering the ashtray unusable by smokers. That just can't happen with Eco-Pole Ashtrays.

Some of our competitors actually state "No Papers Thank You" (or even worse) "No Papers Please" on their units.  We think that's simply an admission of poor design. 

Smokers Outpost aka Ceasefire Ashtray. Ceasefire? Apparently not...
Why you should never buy plastic ashtrays for large capacity areas.
No smouldering ever reported. Other units can smoulder... ...and even catch fire.

Note: Our new Eco-Pole Ashtray WET System totally eliminates any possibility whatsoever of smouldering or ignition - because they're water fillable.  Cigarette butts are extinguished the second they're placed into the unit.  Eco-Pole WETs are the only water fillable ashtrays in the world that still offer a 5 second - one step emptying process - with no disassembly required.  There's nothing else like them available anywhere.

Safety - Sharps & Syringes:  The same cigarette butt only entry points referred to above also eliminate the possibility of sharps and syringes being placed into our cigarette butt receptacles. 

All models in the Eco-Pole Ashtray range are completely sharps proof.  This was a crucial factor in the design of our Eco-Poles.  Before you consider the purchase of any alternative supplier's product, we suggest you ask them if their products provide the same exemplary standards of intelligent design, security, safety and piece of mind. 

Safety Risk: Maintenance staff need to beware of sharps placed into the ashtrays DO Smith - Obsolete Ashtray

Eco-Pole Ashtrays are 100% Sharps and Litter Proof

Other ashtrays are 100% NOT Sharps or Litter Proof

Some of our competitors ashtrays aren't even 'hand' proof

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No BuTTs  ...because the world is not an ashtray.


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