Port Xpresso Cafe goes Butt Free with a little help from No BuTTs

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Just a little of Port Xpresso's sensational food!When you walk into Port Xpresso Cafe on Salmon Street in the new industrial part of Port Melbourne the first thing that strikes
you is just how clean and fresh the place is, and the amazing and attractive selection of food on display - and the obvious high standards of the business.  But Port Xpresso had a problem - customer cigarette butt litter.

No BuTTs staff were installing Eco-Pole Ashtrays at a location around the corner and had popped in for a snack.  The first thing we noticed before we walked in was the pile of cigarette butt litter in the garden outside the entrance. 

Port Xpresso Cafe - Before: Customer butt litter at entrance
We mentioned it to Port Xpresso's owner Leanne and she agreed that she had a problem as customers littered their butts before entering her cafe. 

"I've been asking the Body Corporate to allow me to install some sort of ashtray at the entrance for months - but they've done nothing and have ignored all my approaches.  And it's not just outside our cafe either.  There's cigarette butt litter strewn all around our industrial park." said Leanne.

"We pride ourselves on our high standards and we also knew we had a problem, but it's a little hard to solve that problem when the Landlords basically don't seem to care.  Obviously as tenants we can't install any fixed infrastructure without permission. But as it's our customers that were littering their butts outside our cafe we wanted to do something about their butt litter."

Port Xpresso Cafe - After - Solution: Eco-Pole Post Ashtray at entrance"So when Jack from No BuTTs showed me one of their Eco-Pole Wall or Post Ashtrays and explained how they could securely mount it to the post at the entrance, and if required remove it at any time with no permanent markings or damage I decided that this was the perfect solution to our problem - and I asked him to come back and install one of their Eco-Pole Ashtrays as soon as they could."

"What a difference a day makes!" said Leanne.  "No BuTTs came back and installed our Eco-Pole at the entrance - and we also got a bunch of their Windproof Ashtrays for our courtyard tables."

"Since we installed our Eco-Pole Ashtray cigarette butt litter has basically disappeared at our entrance." said Leanne. "Customers will do the right thing with their butts if responsible Management helps them to do it - and they should because they're their customers."

  By No BuTTs and Port Xpresso Cafe [25th February 2010]


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